Volume 17,  Number 6 • June 2000
The Spring 2000 ASIDIC meeting — This conference examined ways to address information industry changes
by Donald T. Hawkins

Discusses the recent meeting of the Association for Information and Dissemination Centers (ASIDIC), held March 26-28, 2000 in Orlando, Florida. Says the meeting examined the challenges and opportunities facing organizations in the information industry in view of the many changes currently occurring. Maintains that the meeting provided a good examination of current trends in the information industry and strategies for using them to one's advantage. Adds that according to research, the number of e-content users grew from 3 million to 8 million people, but since 63 million people at work have Internet access, this means the industry is supporting only one-eighth of the market. Says that in the keynote speech, Don McLagan, former chairman of NewsEdge Corp., challenged his audience to devise strategies to reach the missing seven-eighths.
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