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Volume 19, Issue 7 July/August 2002
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STN Releases STN Easy for Intranets

Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) has announced that STN International, an online database network for science and technology, now features the STN Easy for Intranets service. STN Easy for Intranets will enable information professionals to create customized sites within their intranets that make the 85 STN Easy-accessible scientific databases directly available to clients throughout their organizations.

"With STN Easy for Intranets, we have given corporate information professionals the ability to serve their clients' sci-tech information needs more effectively," said Suzan Brown, CAS's marketing director. "With IP access, no setup charges, and no HTML programming or IT support needed, information professionals will be able to easily create a customized STN Easy site that is integrated into the corporate intranet and tailored to the needs of the organization."

Among the resources offered by STN Easy for Intranets is an Alert feature for current awareness. Information professionals will be able to use their expertise to set up and maintain current-awareness alerts (SDIs) in any of the 200-plus sci-tech databases on STN and deliver the results to STN Easy for Intranets users.

Source: Chemical Abstracts Service, Columbus, OH, 614/447-3600;

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