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Volume 19, Issue 7 July/August 2002
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Sagebrush Introduces PatronPorter for Spectrum, Releases Self-Checkout Program

Sagebrush Corp. has announced the release of PatronPorter for Spectrum, a program that converts existing patron data so it can be imported into Winnebago Spectrum. Sagebrush has also announced the release of UCheck, a new self-checkout program.

PatronPorter for Spectrum

"We currently offer PatronPorter for our Athena program," said Gail Mazure, PatronPorter product manager, "so we're excited to offer this time-saving program for Spectrum users as well. PatronPorter reduces the amount of time librarians spend entering new students into the library database because it makes it easy to import existing patron records into Spectrum. It transforms the hassle of managing new patron records into a fast and convenient process."

PatronPorter converts patron record files from existing databases, such as school administration, food service, and transportation systems, into a Spectrum-compatible file that can be directly imported. Duplication of patron records is eliminated and the library database is kept current and consistent with up-to-date patron information. PatronPorter settings are customizable, so specific portions of the existing patron records can be selected for import.


According to the announcement, UCheck integrates seamlessly with Sagebrush's award-winning Athena and Winnebago Spectrum automation programs.

"Checking out materials to patrons can be a time-consuming task," said Mazure. "But [it] doesn't have to be. Using UCheck, librarians can successfully and conveniently let patrons check out their own materials from the library, so the library staff has more time for other library tasks. It makes checkout management fast and easy."

UCheck's flexibility allows library staff to choose how patrons check out materials using a variety of methods. The program also works with an optional SLIP printer so patrons can receive a receipt after an item is checked out.

UCheck comes with an administration component that lets library staff set up the program, including the method that patrons use to check out materials. Passwords can be defined to safeguard against unauthorized personnel altering the setup configuration. Library staff can place restrictions for those patrons who are not allowed to check out their own materials. If a patron with restrictions attempts to check out an item using UCheck, a blocking message is displayed indicating that the checkout process cannot proceed. Plus, library staff can create, preview, and print UCheck status reports.

Source: Sagebrush Corp., Minneapolis, 800/533-5430;

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