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Volume 19, Issue 7 July/August 2002
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CASPR Launches iLibraries, LibraryWire

CASPR Library Systems, Inc. has announced the creation of a new approach to sharing library information via the Internet. iLibraries is a software program that enables individuals to search for and share catalog records and digital files with anyone on the Internet. It is written in Java and will run on Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Sun, and other computing platforms. LibraryWire is a network service that allows iLibraries to share information without central server software.

The application allows the building and sharing of catalog collections (including holding records and digital documents) with others using the iLibraries program or a simple Web browser. The program can import and export MARC records as well as XML documents. Records can be copied from a remote library to a local library simply by dragging the items with the mouse. No special Web server or other software is required. The application is in effect both a client and server application.

iLibraries can access a library directly by IP address or through the LibraryWire network. As an added benefit, CASPR has placed its own copies of the Library of Congress collection on LibraryWire so catalog records can easily be moved to local collections.

The iLibraries application will be available for download starting September 1 from The program can be used for up to 30 days at no charge. Individual licenses can be purchased for $195 per copy.

Source: CASPR Library Systems, Inc., Saratoga, CA, 800/852-2777;

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