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Volume 19, Issue 7 July/August 2002
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Stellent, Inc. Unveils Content Categorizer 6.0

Stellent, Inc., a provider of enterprise content management solutions, has announced the release of Stellent Content Categorizer 6.0. This new version enables Web administrators and content contributors to automatically, uniformly, and intelligently categorize content as it is checked into the Stellent Content Server. Content Categorizer is based on an open architecture that integrates with industry-leading categorization technologies to provide maximum flexibility for customers.

Stellent Content Categorizer 6.0 automatically maps contributed content to a metadata model and suggests appropriate metadata for that content. According to the announcement, this automation frees users from having to manually assign metadata to individual content items yet enables them to review, approve, or modify the recommended metadata selections.

"Content-based applications require that content be categorized and tagged with descriptive metadata. Yet, the volume of information and its rate of change is too great for this to remain a manual process," said Robert Perry, senior analyst for The Yankee Group. "By automating metadata assignment and content categorization, software vendors like Stellent are bringing a new level of ease of contribution and efficiency to this critical content management function. Stellent's strategy of integrating with leading search and categorization engines gives customers the convenience of using the taxonomy and categorization products of their choice."

Stellent Content Categorizer 6.0 also provides the following:

  • An interactive check-in process for content contributors
  • A batch-categorization process to immediately extract metadata for thousands of files
  • The ability to re-categorize subsections or the entire repository of managed content by refining the taxonomy
  • The ability to automatically assign metadata values to existing content in the repository when new metadata fields are added to the system
  • An open-application programming interface and documentation to allow third-party classification or categorization engines to easily integrate with the Stellent system
  • The ability to import and navigate through the defined taxonomy within the Stellent Content Server interface
  • Tight integration to the Stellent Content Server to allow for the approval of assigned metadata, if required
Source: Stellent, Inc., Eden Prairie, MN, 800/989-8774;
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