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Volume 18, Issue 7 July/August 2001
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Factiva, Inxight Announce Joint Offering

Factiva and Inxight Software, Inc. have announced a partnership that provides companies with a unique and versatile system that automatically organizes, manages, and maintains large amounts of internal and external content. Through the agreement, companies can now automatically apply Factiva Intelligent Indexing codes to their internal content to build a structured collection of information, allowing for precision retrieval and automatic cross-referencing of relevant external news to internal documents. Inxight will initially sell the system.

The Factiva/Inxight offering consists of Factiva Intelligent Indexing and Inxight's Categorizer and Thing Finder software products. According to the announcement, Factiva Intelligent Indexing is a powerful set of news-topic, geographic, industry, and company codes developed to categorize Factiva's news and business information. Inxight's Categorizer is a system that automates the tedious and expensive process of assigning documents to appropriate categories, and Inxight Thing Finder is a software product that allows users to identify and extract key content from documents.

"The way in which large organizations manage and leverage reliable external news, business information, and internal content is a key source of competitive advantage," said Clare Hart, president and CEO of Factiva. "By combining Inxight's high-performance linguistic technology with Factiva's editorial expertise, companies can now realize the benefits of supporting smarter business decisions with well-structured, relevant content from both inside and outside of the organization."

Factiva has provided Inxight with a set of training algorithms to accurately apply Factiva Intelligent Indexing Subject Codes to a company's internal content. Categorizer is capable of accurately coding more than 100,000 documents per day with Factiva's approximately 1,500 subject codes designed to classify industries, geographic regions, and news subjects.

Additionally, Factiva offers a comprehensive list of approximately 50,000 public and 250,000 private Company Codes, which can be applied using Inxight's Thing Finder entity-extraction software. The Factiva Intelligent Indexing Company Codes are constantly maintained to reflect the changing landscape of mergers, acquisitions, and newly formed companies.

Factiva Consulting, a team of developer and editorial experts, is available to assist companies with the development of customized taxonomies and mapping of the Factiva/Inxight system to any established internal taxonomy.

Source: Factiva, New York, 800/369-8474;

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