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Volume 18, Issue 7 — July/August 2001
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Yaga, Inc. Unveils New E-Delivery Platform

Newly formed Yaga, Inc. has announced the introduction of Yaga Publish, a new e-delivery infrastructure for the distribution of digital files. According to the company, the file-centric platform leverages the best of peer-to-peer and distributed computing to allow users to publish, search, and retrieve digital files securely, reliably, and cost-effectively. Yaga Publish is available for licensing, co-branding, and private labeling.

Yaga Publish is a combination of software and infrastructure with which businesses can build a powerful file-sharing network, allowing them to distribute all types of files while maintaining complete control over the content. It features the following three components:

  • Yaga Share—A file-sharing client that works behind firewalls. The thin client resides on the desktop and facilitates the sharing of digital files, which are automatically indexed and available via Yaga Search.

  • Yaga Search—A distributed search platform with a peer-to-peer-supported index that works on both centralized and distributed networks. It supports digital rights management.

  • Yaga Download—A feature that makes file retrieval fast and reliable, according to the announcement. It supports all file formats and ensures that files are transferred from the most efficient location.
Yaga Publish also has built-in security. When a user signs up for an account, Yaga generates and assigns a private key using its proprietary Certificate Authority. A unique digital fingerprint is also generated for each file published. When the file is retrieved, the fingerprint is used by Yaga Download to authenticate and verify complete delivery of the file.

"We've come up with a unique way to help businesses monetize their digital assets," said Chris Kitze, CEO and co-founder of Yaga, Inc. "Yaga Publish is a truly revolutionary end-to-end solution for distributing and selling online that is both secure and reliable, while allowing users to maintain control over content."

Source: Yaga, Inc., Foster City, CA, 650/227-2100;

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