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Volume 17, Issue 7 • July/August 2000
Endeavor Announces 2000 Release in Beta

Endeavor Information Systems, Inc. has announced the beta version of Voyager 2000, which is in place at customer sites. Advances include an enhanced acquisitions interface and sharpened cataloging processes, along with OPAC changes that heighten Voyager’s already powerful search capabilities, according to the company. The 2000 release is Endeavor’s 11th major release in the last 5 years.

The most significant modifications are in Voyager’s acquisitions module. The Acquisitions Task Force, comprising seven experienced Voyager customers from across North America, worked closely with Endeavor staff to design an acquisitions environment that maximizes work-flow efficiencies in technical processing areas. The 2000 release introduces Voyager’s new work-flow-oriented interface, along with revised order and invoice styles, improved receiving capabilities, embedded MARC order data, and a quick serials check-in function.

Complementing Voyager’s 99.1 “Cat in the Acq” feature, which allows MARC cataloging data access from an acquisitions mode, Voyager’s 2000 release includes dynamic linking of acquisitions data from a cataloging record. This provides the second half of the communication needed between functions in today’s technical services environment.

In addition, Voyager 2000 features Web Voyáge OPAC customization options and features. The simplified search interface of Web Voyáge 2000 allows a library to define which indexes and “quick limits” are available for use in searching. Quick limits provide immediate user access to such frequently used limits as “materials published in the last 10 years” or “Spanish.” Additionally, libraries may opt to include location and item status on the search results screen, making it easy for users to see item-specific information at the index level. The 2000 release also incorporates the first phase of Endeavor’s Unicode implementation, the display of non-Roman characters in the Web OPAC.

“The Voyager 2000 release involves significant functional improvements and interface redesign in the Acquisitions/Serials module and Web Voyáge,” said product manager Kathryn Harnish. “With the 2000 release, Endeavor both responds to valuable customer feedback and anticipates the needs of libraries as work flows change and develop.”

“The Voyager 2000 release is spectacular,” said Jane Burke, Endeavor’s president and CEO. “We are happy to have involved direct customer input for both the Acquisitions and Web Voyáge enhancements. With each release, Voyager continues to be a functional, forward-looking system for today’s libraries.”

Source: Endeavor Information Systems, Inc., Des Plaines, IL, 800/762-6300, 847/296-2200;

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