Information Today
Volume 17, Issue 7 • July/August 2000
ABC-CLIO Launches New ResourceLink CD-ROM

ABC-CLIO Interactive has announced the release of ResourceLink: 18th-Century World History, a new multimedia research tool on CD-ROM. According to the company, the CD-ROM offers librarians, teachers, and students the following features: ResourceLink: 18th-Century World History contains over 900 text and image entries that engage learners in the interactive exploration of the cultures, events, personalities, inventions, movements, and religious developments of the 18th century. Students can read the biography of the late 18th-century Ottoman Empire ruler Abdulhamid I, learn about Taiwan’s failed 1721 Zhu Yigui Rebellion against the Qing Chinese Empire, examine maps of the African states, view period illustrations of American Revolution battles, or read Jane Austen’s quote on women and knowledge. Using simple menu options, text and graphics can be organized in resource files for computer-based presentations, combined with original student text and artwork, printed, or exported.

According to the company, the flexibility and scope of this primary-source research tool make it suitable for all middle- and high-school educators teaching 18th-century world history. For students, the 288 period images and 80 original documents energize the learning process and increase motivation. The customizable search option allows for project-based, individually paced learning and increases higher-order thinking skills, while the detailed expository text challenges even gifted students.

ResourceLink: 18th-Century World History is the latest CD-ROM in ABC-CLIO’s ResourceLink series. ResourceLink: 19th-Century World History and ResourceLink: 20th-Century World History debuted in 1999. Five American History ResourceLink titles and eight state ResourceLink titles are also available.

Source: ABC-CLIO Interactive, Santa Barbara, CA, 800/368-6868, 805/968-1911;

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