Information Today
Volume 17, Issue 7 • July/August 2000
Inmagic, Inc. Releases DB/Text WebPublisher Lite

Inmagic, Inc., a developer of library automation and information management software solutions, has announced the release of DB/Text WebPublisher Lite, a Windows NT-based Web publishing application. DB/Text WebPublisher Lite—a single-database version of DB/Text WebPublisher—is designed to make it more affordable for corporate libraries, information resource centers, and individual departments to mount their information on the Internet or corporate intranets. DB/Text WebPublisher Lite can be used to publish, manage, and maintain a text, image, or multimedia database.

DB/Text WebPublisher Lite can only be used with Inmagic’s most current buildware, DB/TextWorks version 4. With these two elements in place, a new customer would be able to automate a library and bring it to the Web for under $5,000. For current customers, DB/Text WebPublisher Lite will be priced at $3,000.

“We believe it is imperative for a library to be able to respond to the end-user’s need for desktop access,” said Phillip Green, president and CEO of Inmagic. “So it is our goal to get 100 percent of our users on the Web. We believe DB/Text WebPublisher Lite will go a long way towards making that happen. Clearly, it is vital for organizations to make information available to employees on a 24/7 basis. DB/Text WebPublisher Lite makes that possible for a lot more companies.”

According to the company, DB/Text WebPublisher Lite is easy to implement so information management professionals can control their information with a minimum of assistance from management information systems. According to the announcement, DB/Text WebPublisher Lite can act as a company’s foundation for building a presence on the Web or its intranet. As a company’s needs grow, it will be able to migrate to the full-fledged DB/Text WebPublisher.

If DB/Text WebPublisher Lite is purchased for the purpose of mounting a catalog on the Web, users will have several options for setting up the user interface. If they decide to customize the user interface themselves, they might find it helpful to use DB/Text for Libraries’ query screens and report forms (designed for the Web) as a model. Or, the Inmagic consulting team can help customize screens and reports for specific needs.

Inmagic’s library automation and information management solutions are reportedly installed in more than 15,000 special libraries and information centers in over 50 countries.

Source: Inmagic, Inc., Woburn, MA, 800/229-8398;

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