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Volume 17, Issue 7 • July/August 2000 Launches PATEX, an Internet intellectual-property portal, has announced the launch of PATEX, a new Internet exchange for the licensing of patents and technologies. PATEX gives patent and technology holders exposure for their under-licensed or unlicensed properties, and gives licensees ideas and innovations to facilitate their development efforts, or to apply to their already-patented or unpatented product suites.

“Think of PATEX as an electronic trading floor for technology transfer, just as NASDAQ is an electronic trading floor for stocks,” said Jay Nadler, president of “PATEX is unique in that it unites all of the components needed to identify and complete transactions for technology transfer across a broad spectrum of industry.”

PATEX delivers the key components that enable licensors and licensees to efficiently identify opportunities, open key lines of communication, and complete online transactions or receive traditional technology-transfer assistance. Unlike other intellectual property (IP) exchanges, PATEX doesn’t require licensors to exclusively list their IP assets on PATEX, and the valuation and terms of each PATEX transaction is determined solely by the licensor and licensee.

The PATEX system is part of the Intellectual Property portal owned by Information Holdings, Inc. and unites the IP services and communities of its member companies, including MicroPatent, Master Data Center, Optipat, FaxPat, and The collective group serves more than 10,000 customers and provides an impressive array of patent and trademark-related services. These include and

 “Our PATEX service and its Internet business model are backed by the highly trafficked sites of our member companies,” said Nadler. “This translates to the highest exposure to licensors of their valued properties, and in the largest selection of properties for licensees—an ideal environment for both sides.”

For each PATEX listing, the full-text and drawings for each patent are automatically displayed, complete with a hotlink to the complete patent image as recorded with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and/or international patent authorities. PATEX also includes licensing news from IP Today, a discussion forum, transaction assistance, expert advice, and tools that speak to the specific needs of the licensor and licensee alike.

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