Volume 17,  Number 7 • July/August 2000
Getting the most out of the Internet — This book shows librarians the best ways to put the Web to practical use
by Gwen M. Gregory

Presents a very favorable review of "The Cybrarian's Manual 2" ($45) edited by Pat Ensor, published in 2000 by the American Library Association of Chicago, IL. Says that this 313-page paperback edition contains almost entirely new material, along with updated articles, and more about cultural and management concerns. Relates that the book is divided into eight sections, including "The Cybrarian's Tool Kit," a group of several selections to keep one up-to-date about Internet use; and "A Network of Networks of Networks," which covers some technical topics. Observes that one of the refreshing things is the abundance of humor, something that is not always in evidence in library profession literature. Recommends this book as a great current-awareness tool for librarians who want to quickly learn about new developments relating to Internet use.
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