Volume 17,  Number 7 • July/August 2000
Integrated MP3 and CD-audio player — The D'music SM-200C is a great, portable way to take your music with you
by Péter Jacsó

CD/DVD COMMENTARIES column focuses on the D'music SM-200C ($199) from Pine Technologies, Inc., a beta of which was on display at the COMDEX 2000 Expo. Describes the SM-200C as a standalone player that makes use of a CD's 650MB capacity and will play factory-made audio CDs and homemade CDs that can hold more than 100 MP3 tracks. Says that it includes a built-in charger and works on 4 AA batteries for up to 8 hours. Relates that Outpost.com, one of the best mail-order computer companies, and TigerDirect, another company for good prices, are taking pre-orders for the SM-200C. Points out that it will be perfect for the summer vacation season, as favorite songs can be converted into MP3 format and burned into a CD for traveling light. Advises that the bit rate can be reduced to put even more songs on a CD, and at the going rate of $1 for a blank CD, one can experiment to their heart's content. Contains two screen displays.
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