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Volume 18, Issue 1 — January 2001
Table of Contents Previous Issues Subscribe Now! ITI Home Announces Web Site Enhancements, Business Agreements has announced that it has unveiled version 2.0 of its Web service. The company has also announced that it has entered into agreements with 10 information technology (IT) and e-business research firms as part of an initiative to increase its depth of coverage. 

New Web Site 
According to the company, the new site includes enhanced features and functionality that make it easier and faster for clients to search, find, and purchase publications from the most comprehensive database of market intelligence on the Web. has completely redesigned its user interface to increase the overall speed and usability of the site. 

In addition to the overall redesign, the new site offers several new features intended to help users determine the relevancy of a publication prior to purchase. Market clients can comprehensively search over 13,000 publications with theAltaVista search engine.After retrieving results, they can view the context in which their search terms appear via the proprietary, new Search Term And Text (STAT) feature. has also significantly updated its “browse” functionality with the incorporation of an industry taxonomy, which allows users to quickly access 21 vertical home pages, each of which features the latest research covering these industry categories. 

“With the launch of our new site, continues to add the functionality historically reserved for closed, fee-based databases,” said Market president Michael Maslansky. “Our AltaVista search engine and proprietary taxonomy allow information professionals and end-users at companies of all sizes to effectively search and browse the most comprehensive database of market intelligence on the Web. Our Search Term And Text feature allows users to confirm the relevancy of publications prior to purchase. Our ‘Slice-and-Price’ feature, which allows visitors to purchase reports in individual sections or chapters, ensures that users can access this wealth of data in the most cost-effective manner. And the user never has to pay an access fee to use our service.” 

Rob Granader, founder and CEO, said: “In hundreds of conversations with customers, we found that companies want a service that meets the needs of both end-users and information professionals. That means a service that is intuitive and easy-to-use, but also one that possesses the attributes of a robust search service. We believe that the new offers the best of both worlds.” 

New Partnerships has already begun providing research from many of the IT and e-business research firms, which include META Group, The Yankee Group, IDC, Aberdeen, PCData, Reuters Business Insight, Business Communications Co., Greenfield On Demand, Icon Group International, and Faulkner Information Services. 

“Our collection of business intelligence publications has exploded from 5,000 reports to a comprehensive selection of over 18,000 publications in 4 short months. We are positioned to serve as the primary source for publications covering global markets, industries, companies, and countries,” said Granader. “In addition to the breadth of our content-provider base, we are developing significant depth in our core vertical markets, including the information technology and e-business spaces. We are very excited to partner with these industry-leading firms and believe that our customers are well-served by having a single service from which they can find the most relevant research on their subject of interest. We recognize that in order to be successful, we must offer the right information from the reputable, leading publishers upon which our clients traditionally rely.” 

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