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Volume 18, Issue 1 — January 2001
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TLC Unveils Library•Solution 2.1.1, Announces Philippines Implementation

The Library Corporation (TLC) has announced the release of Library•Solution 2.1.1, which includes improved cataloging capabilities and accommodates the Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN) changes, which are scheduled to go into effect this month. TLC has also announced that it has contracted with the National Library of the Philippines (NLP) to provide automation systems and Web-enabled access to the main site of the NLP, as well as to 65 of its public libraries. 

Library•Solution 2.1.1 
In referring to the release of Library• Solution 2.1.1, Annette Bakhtiar, TLC’s CEO, said, “Libraries of all sizes deserve a world-class automation system that is powerful, accessible, yet easy to use for librarian and patron alike.” 

Library•Solution 2.1.1 includes an upgraded graphical user interface (GUI) that has been streamlined to help librarians make additions, modifications, or deletions of new titles or new copies of existing titles, with greater ease and accuracy. “With the new Library•Solution,” Bakhtiar said, “the GUI literally ‘knows’ a library’s holdings structure and guides the user with a collection code drop-down menu that lists valid options for the library site to which items belong. The new automation system also features an improved statistics-gathering function, permitting librarians to track additions, changes, and deletions of titles by branch. Further, Library•Solution 2.1.1 is completely compatible with the new numbering formats for MARC records to be implemented by the Library of Congress.” 

The update is available free of charge for existing Library•Solution customers, and will be included in all new purchases. According to the company, the original product was first introduced in 1997 and has been widely adopted by institutions of all sizes and types worldwide. 

In deploying the new automation system, the NLP had several goals. Adoracion B. Mendoza, director of the National Library of the Philippines, said: “We sought a system that would provide access to, and between, the National Library of the Philippines and the public libraries it supports. TLC helped us realize our vision to provide fast, efficient, and seamless communications to the people of the Philippines, through an economical delivery mechanism with local and regional support.” Bringing it all together was a new approach that will ultimately provide Web-enabled access to each of the public libraries and local communities throughout the Philippines, according to the announcement. 

At the national level, the agreement calls for installation of TLC’s Library•Solution at the Main National Library. Major features include cataloging, circulation, and reporting functions. The deal further includes two additional TLC products: Library•Serial, the library automation system dedicated to serials management, and Library•Acquire, an automation system designed to manage the entire acquisitions process, including purchasing, tracking of new materials, and accounting. The NLP will also purchase workstation licenses as part of the contract. 

Upon installation, the National Library of the Philippines will initially be able to provide access to a Union Catalog, whereby the collections of the NLP and the collections of more than 200 of the libraries it supports can be obtained via the NLP Web PAC. As the NLP’s computerization of public libraries in the Philippines continues, its public libraries nationwide will become automated and will have their collections accessible via the Union Catalog. Until that time, these libraries can access the Union Catalog through the Internet. The total collection of the National Library of the Philippines Main Library contains approximately 1 million volumes. 

Source: The Library Corporation, In-wood, WV, 800/325-7759;

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