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Volume 18, Issue 1 — January 2001
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Yamaha Introduces New High-Speed 16x CD-R Media

Yamaha Corp. of America has announced the release of 16x professional-grade media to complement its new CRW2100 Light-Speed Series 16x10x40x CD-RW recorders and high-quality CD-R/RW recording media. According to the company, the new media is ideal for any type of storage, from data to photos to music. Since the launch of its first certified recordable media in September 1999, Yamaha has continued to offer the high-grade CD-R/RW media to help eliminate quality problems caused by the proliferation of low-quality media products in the marketplace. 

The new products include the CDR74-M1610, a 10-pack, jewel-cased, 74-minute, 650-MB, 16x-certified CD-R disc package; CDR74M1650, an economical 50-pack spindle, 74-minute, 650-MB, 16x-certified CD-R package; and the CDR80M1610, a 10-pack, jewel-cased, 80-minute, 700-MB, 16x-certified CD-R package. 

“Yamaha is committed to bringing the highest quality and fastest CD recording gear to the marketplace,” said Allen H. Gharapetian, product and marketing manager at Yamaha’s Consumer Products Division. “Our new, professional-grade 16x media perfectly complementsYamaha’s latest Light-Speed recorders—the industry’s fastest— offering a complete, high-speed solution.” 

According to the company,Yamaha CDR (write-once) discs are ideal for many applications: audio-CD recording, distribution of large files, MP3 music storage, multimedia presentations, photo storage, archival file storage, record keeping, software backup, and writing and recording music. Each disc is completely compatible with 1x through 16x recording speeds, has 100-percent compatibility with all leading-brand CD recorders, and has an average expected data life of more than 100 years. 

All discs feature an enhanced Metal Azo dye layer for maximum data reliability and longevity, an extra protective layer (to guard the reflective layer), and built-in UV light-degradation protection. The scratch-resistant surface is suitable for both thermal and inkjet printing. Discs in the CDR74M1610 and CDR80M1610 packs are individually jewel-cased and shrink-wrapped in a full-color sleeve, while discs in the CDR74M-1650 pack are packed on a stackable spindle wrapped with a full-color band. 

Source:Yamaha Corp. of America, Buena Park, CA, 714/522-9000;

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