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Volume 18, Issue 1 — January 2001
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Iomega Unveils Predator External CD-RW Drive

Iomega Corp., a manufacturer of data-management solutions, has announced the release of the Iomega Predator external CD-RW drive. According to the company, the Predator drive combines breakthrough design, interchangeable interfaces, and a comprehensive software bundle to deliver outstanding value to customers. 

The Iomega Predator drive is compatible with Macintosh and PC platforms and sets a new standard of functionality for external CD-RW drives. Iomega has discarded the shoebox dimensions of typical CD-RW products and trimmed away the excess bulk and weight. The result is a new, low-profile design of sculpted curves and rounded edges. The drive also replaces the motorized, front-loading drive tray of most other external drives with a top-loading design similar to that of portable CD players. The new design is quieter, mechanically simpler, and treats CDs more gently than front-loading players, which can pinch an improperly inserted disc. 

“Iomega is making big gains in CD-RW sales by identifying and meeting emerging consumer needs,” said Doug Collier, Iomega’s vice president of product management and business development. “The CD-RW market [was] expected to more than double [in 2000], and yet the number of computers sold without a CD-RW drive is projected to continue growing. Our position as the number-two brand in U.S. retail CD-RW sales tells us that there is a huge opportunity to meet the consumer need for style and simplicity in an easy-to-use external drive—and that’s exactly what we have created with the Iomega Predator drive.” 

The Predator CD-RW drive, which has a rated performance of 8x4x32x, supports popular interfaces by using detachable and interchangeable adapters. The Predator drive was expected to begin shipping in late December bundled with a USB 1.1 adapter offering 4x4x6x performance; early this year the drive will be bundled with a FireWire adapter offering 8x4x32x performance. With additional options planned for release, users will be able to easily switch among any of four hot-swappable connection types: USB 1.1, FireWire, PCMCIA, and USB 2.0. These choices will allow Predator owners to transform their drives as needed for different desktop and laptop interfaces. 

The Predator drive’s software suite includes Adaptec Easy CD Creator 4.0, Adaptec DirectCD 3.0, Adaptec Toast, MusicMatch Jukebox Plus, MGI Photosuite, Iomega Quik Sync 2 software (30-day trial version), andAdobeActiveShare software.Also included in the package are two CD-R discs and one preformatted CD-RW disc, audio cables, a data cable, an external power supply, and a third-party bonus software offer. 

The Iomega Predator external CD-RW drive in USB 1.1 configuration is expected to retail for $269.95. The Predator drive with FireWire support will be available in U.S. stores during the first quarter of this year for $349.95. 

Source: Iomega Corp., Roy, UT, 801/ 332-1000;

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