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Volume 18, Issue 1 — January 2001
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Discmatic Unveils Enhanced ONYX CD Duplicator

Discmatic has announced the release of an enhanced version of the innovative ONYX 100-disc CD duplicator, which features 12x drives and a new processor that combine to significantly boost copying speed. 

Developed and designed by Discmatic, ONYX is an easy-to-use, multidrive, stand-alone CD duplicator that offers automatic, unattended operation. The new, upgraded version supports up to four Plextor 12x professional-grade CD-RW drives, allowing duplication of 33 full-sized CDs in 1 hour. It can duplicate up to 100 CDs at the touch of a button, and has a 15-GB hard disk—up from 4 GB—that can store more than 20 full CD images for instant recall. 

In addition to the 12x Plextor drives, another enhancement is a new processor that allows faster copying through asynchronous operation—each drive initiates copying independently. The original ONYX waited for every drive to be loaded with a disc before copying would start. Now, each drive begins copying the instant a disc is loaded, speeding up the process. 

According to the company, the new 12x ONYX uses the same precise, proprietary autoloading mechanism that has proven its reliability over the last year. The exclusive system picks up each disc by the rim, lifts it over the spindle, and loads it into any one of the recorders. Another unique ONYX feature is a drive bay where an optional CDROM reader can be installed for those who want the enhanced reading accuracy such a drive provides. The bay is front-mounted for easy access. 

ONYX has its core logic stored on an advanced flash ROM rather than on the hard disk (which can cause reliability problems in some duplicators). In addition, the internal firmware can be quickly and easily upgraded via a firmware CD, which is available from Discmatic resellers. 

According to the announcement, ONYX offers an array of features that ensure operational ease and versatility. Multidrive batch copying allows ONYX to duplicate multiple master discs in a single operation. A master and blanks are stacked, followed by the next master and the required number of blanks, and that pattern is followed for each master that’s to be copied. Also, to create audio compilations the unit allows selected tracks to be easily assembled onto a usercreated master. 

With its new design, ONYX is intended to fit in with any office or studio environment. The cabinet has a translucent blue cover that pivots up to allow access to the spindles. According to the company, it easily fits on a tabletop, occupying no more space than any other office machine, such as a printer, scanner, or desktop PC. 

ONYX supports all major CD formats, including CD-ROM, CD-DA (DAO and TAO), CD-EXTRA, Mixed Mode, Multi-session, HFS, Hybrid, PhotoCD, VideoCD, CD-I, PSX, Sega CD, Rock Ridge (UNIX), and CD+G (karaoke). 

ONYX also offers the option of software control, using a version of Prassi PrimoCD software specifically developed for the company. Purchasers of the stand-alone ONYX can easily add software control at any time by purchasing the Prassi software, available through Discmatic resellers. The software-controlled version allows ONYX to meet a wide range of needs by offering additional functions and features. Also, operating ONYX through a networked PC expands the unit’s mastering capability by allowing access to files beyond those on the PC’s hard drive. 

The Discmatic line of CD duplicators is marketed by CBC (AMERICA) Corp., an ISO 9002-registered company. CBC (AMERICA) Corp. is the largest overseas subsidiary of Japan-based CBC Co., Ltd., with its main offices located in Commack, New York. 

Source: Discmatic, Commack, NY, 800/ 422-6707, 631/864-9700;

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