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                   Volume 17, Number 1 • January 2000
Factiva Announces New Personalization and Company Research Functionality in Reuters Business Briefing

Factiva, a company jointly owned by Dow Jones & Co. and Reuters Group, has added new personalization and company research functions to Reuters Business Briefing. This Web-based application provides browser access to top business news, industry publications, and Web sites, with an emphasis on content that covers all areas of the world, including the Americas, Europe, and Asia. According to the company, subscribers can get the facts on any business subject, via keyword search, by mining the millions of articles stored in Factiva’s archives.

The newly expanded application sets the standard in the business information industry for personalization and relevance. Reuters Business Briefing provides subscribers in more than 6,000 corporations access to newswires, more than 10 years of information from Reuters news services, and more than 4,000 other sources from around the world. The information can be searched using free-text terms and/or items chosen from lists of companies, industries, topics, sources, or financial instruments. The service also provides delayed market prices and news photographs. Ten language interfaces provide access to content in 20 languages.
Subscribers can also view the latest five results of their favorite five searches in a new area of the product NewsPoint, which can be easily customized as their Reuters Business Briefing home page to display the latest headlines or financial prices in five areas of their choice, with easy access to all results. In addition to NewsPoint, other new Reuters Business Briefing features include the following:

Existing features of Reuters Business Briefing include the following: According to the company, independent research indicates that there is a vast potential market of corporate users worldwide. Factiva is well positioned to lead revenue growth in this market.

“We are unique in the global breadth of our news and research sources, integrating into corporate systems, and dedicated customer support around the world,” said Tim Andrews, president and CEO of Factiva. The company’s business information suite is supported by sales and customer support staff in more than 30 countries.

“The new tools in Reuters Business Briefing set the standard for personalization and relevance,” said Greg Gerdy, executive director of product marketing for Factiva. “They are a result of hundreds of interviews with customers, who are increasingly asking for a Web-based product that efficiently delivers just the right facts, on demand. Those who access the service can see the entire up-to-date collection of opinion and factual information on any business subject.”

Source: Factiva, Princeton, NJ, 609/520-4660;

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