Information Today
                   Volume 17, Number 1 • January 2000
CASPR Introduces Cross-Platform Pricing for Mac and Windows Library Systems

CASPR Library Systems, Inc. has announced a reduction in the price and complexity of automating libraries using mixed computer environments with all-in-one, cross-platform pricing for its LibraryWorld Bronze, Silver, and Gold products. When purchasing CASPR’s library automation product, each customer will receive software that runs on both Macintosh and Windows computers, making it unnecessary to purchase separate products.

Norman Kline, president and CEO of CASPR, said: “The key to this announcement is that libraries will no longer have to worry about what computers they have on hand to automate or extend their library operations. An important factor is that LibraryWorld is truly a cross-platform program from the user interface to the source code and right down to the database. LibraryWorld looks, feels, and works exactly the same on both Macintosh and Windows computers. Even the database can be copied from one type of computer to another without any conversion. Now libraries can easily mix computer systems and file servers, thus optimizing their choices, easing worries, and saving some money.”

CASPR is a supplier of library automation software and services for over 10,000 school, business, college, and public libraries. Located in San Jose, California, CASPR began by developing the first integrated library system for Macintosh computers back in 1986. According to CASPR, it was the first to create a fully cross-platform system for both Macintosh and Windows computers in 1992. CASPR’s LibraryNet Web program allows libraries to easily publish their own library collections using their own Web servers, and CASPR’s LibraryCom Web Directory service is the first dedicated library hosting and directory service for libraries, the company claims.

Source: CASPR Library Systems, Inc., San Jose, CA, 800/852-2777; Fax: 408/882-0608;

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