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                Volume 17, Number 1 • January 2000
LEXIS Publishing Adds Two New References to Matthew Bender Authority Series

LEXIS Publishing has announced the release of the Matthew Bender Computer and Telecommunications Law CD-ROM. The single CD-ROM combines analysis, sample agreements, and primary source material, and contains comprehensive and authoritative coverage of evolving areas of the law. LEXIS Publishing has also announced the release of the Health Care Law Library, which will be added to the Authority CD-ROM series.

Computer/Telecom Law
The expert-authored components of the Computer and Telecommunications Law CD-ROM allow users to represent clients effectively with easy access to important and up-to-date information in this competitive and complex area of law.

According to the announcement, the CD-ROM contains all major publications dealing with computer law:

Courts from 1913; U.S. Court of Federal Claims from 1959; U.S. Bankruptcy Courts from 1980; U.S. Court of International Trade from 1982; and State Courts from 1875.

Computer and Telecommunications Law is available on CD-ROM and in print, allowing practitioners to choose the format that best suits their needs.

Health Care Law Library
According to the company, the Health Care Law Library CD is a one-stop resource for health-care law analyses, cases, statutes, and regulations, with the most complete and up-to-date coverage of health-care law, including the full text of more than 50,000 LEXIS federal health-care law cases and over 90 select landmark state cases. Health Care Law Library also provides comprehensive analytical materials on ERISA, health insurance policies, group health insurance policies, and Medicare and Medigap insurance.

The expert-authored Health Care Law Library links all analytical material directly to the primary law and provides practitioners with in-depth analysis and practical guidance drawn from Treatise on Health Care Law; Health Care Law: A Practical Guide, second edition; Health Care Law Sourcebook; and Health Care Law Monthly.

Treatise on Health Care Law is a definitive primary reference work covering the entire spectrum of the legal issues involved in health-care practice, including corporate and tax issues, reimbursement, patient care, medical staff, and labor issues and liability. Treatise on Health Care Law also speeds research efforts through detailed chapter synopses, extensive statutory, regulatory and case citations, excerpted materials, and state-by-state charts.

Health Care Law: A Practical Guide, second edition serves as an ideal desk reference, procedural guide, and training tool for both health-care lawyers and health-care administrators. Each chapter contains a concise and inclusive discussion of the law, an analysis of problems likely to be faced by health-care providers, and practical guidelines for dealing with those problems, as well as checklists, sample forms and contracts, and state-by-state analysis.

Health Care Law Sourcebook highlights recent legislative and regulatory developments in numerous health-care areas, such as patient confidentiality and non-discrimination, approval of drugs, medical devices, human subject research and procedures, antitrust and trade regulation, and managed care organizations. The sourcebook also spotlights proposed changes in Medicare and Medicaid and provides the full text of recent public laws affecting health care.

Health Care Law Monthly journal explains and analyzes significant developments in health-care law and demonstrates how they affect existing law and future trends. A complementary part of the Health Care Law Library CD-ROM series, Health Care Law Monthly covers topics such as provider contracting, corporate compliance, and Stark issues.

The Health Care Law Library is available on CD-ROM, on the Internet, and in print. Like other Authority CD-ROMs, the Health Care Law Library is suitable for network installation, compatible with Windows applications, and is designed to take maximum advantage of the industry-standard FOLIO search engine.
Source: LEXIS Publishing, New York, 212/448-2000;

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