Information Today
Volume 17, Number 1 • January 2000
PrimeArray Unveils New Family of Netserve CD/DVD Servers

PrimeArray Systems, Inc. (PrimeArray) has announced the release of its new Netserve family of CD and DVD-ROM network-attach servers. According to the company, the new Netserve models combine the convenience and flexibility of multiple direct-access CD or DVD drives with the performance and cost-effectiveness of hard-drive storage for disc images. This union of multiple direct-access read mechanisms and enormous hard-drive imaging capability is unique in the network storage market.

The new Netserve models function by imaging CD and DVD content onto large internal hard drives. These disc images, as well as media contained in the direct-access drives, are shared by the Netserve’s integrated thin server over a 10/100 Ethernet network. Any computer on the network can access CD and DVD information from the Netserve without need for proprietary client software. All disc management, security, and network settings can be modified remotely from anywhere on the networks using a secure Web interface. Storage capacities for available configurations are 27, 54, 70, and 140 CD-ROM images.

The new Netserve family builds on the capabilities of the Netserve/CD line of CD-ROM towers, which were acquired by PrimeArray from Optical Access International. One of the first CD towers to function as a stand-alone server, Netserve/CD servers can be found in libraries, corporate data centers, publishing houses, and schools.

Source: PrimeArray Systems, Inc., Woburn, MA, 781/937-3910;

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