Information Today
           Volume 17, Number 1 • January 2000
Reed Technology Develops New Version of the British National Bibliography on CD-ROM

Reed Technology and Information Services, Inc. has announced that The British Library has selected Reed Technology to develop its next-generation British National Bibliography (BNB)—the national record of publishing for the U.K. since 1950—on CD-ROM.

Reed Technology is developing BNB on CD-ROM using Optiware Two, the newest version of its proprietary Opti-Ware search-and-retrieval technology. The 32-bit technology has various enhancements, including embedded Web browser technology, the ability to link to publisher and other related Web sites from the records, a Quick Search feature on every screen, “drag and drop” functionality to build complex searches easily, full-featured Search History functionality, definable search filters, and easily ordered results lists.

According to the announcement, the BNB CD-ROM is recognized worldwide for its authoritative records and depth of coverage. It includes over 1.7 million records for books and the first issues of serials; records cataloged to international standards; Dewey class numbers and other subject information included; advance notice of 40,000 forthcoming titles a year under the Cataloging-in-Publication (CIP) Program; and in-depth coverage of publishing in England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales under the Copyright Libraries Shared Cataloguing Program.

“Reed Technology’s search technology has had a profound impact on the success of the British National Bibliography CD-ROM,” said David Wilkie, marketing officer of bibliographic records at The British Library. “With Optiware Two, our customers will be able to obtain information from the CD-ROM even more easily.”

The British Library can be found on the Web at and via e-mail at

Source: Reed Technology and Information Services, Inc., Horsham, PA, 215/682-5000;

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