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              Volume 17, Number 1 • January 2000
OneSource Expands Business Browser Products

OneSource Information Services, Inc. has announced the launch of Global Business Browser–European edition, the latest addition to its Business Browser product line. In a separate news release, the company announced significant Canadian content enhancements to Business Browser.

Global Business Browser–European Edition
OneSource reports that Global Business Browser–European edition is the first information tool to provide the European market with a fully integrated database of both regional and global content. The new product builds on the company’s European Business Browser and Global Business Browser–U.S. edition by providing a global perspective to localized European information.

“European Business Browser broke new ground by including top-notch European information from Dun & Bradstreet,” said Jimmy Becker, vice president of product development for OneSource. “Our European customers expressed a need for more international data and more detail on larger companies to complement this unique resource. With Global Business Browser–European edition, OneSource is now adding this information to create an unparalleled global perspective for European business professionals.”

“We welcome OneSource’s development of Global Business Browser–European edition,” said Wendy Lavidge, business development manager for international law firm Freshfields. “We have benefited from the use of both the existing Global and European Business Browser services for some time. The integration of both the European and the global data will allow us to further improve the business-development services we offer to our lawyers.”

Global Business Browser–European edition delivers up-to-the-minute information on over 370,000 public and private companies across 19 European countries and the world, including company profiles, news, business and trade articles, analyst reports, executive profiles, industry intelligence, and financial data. Global Business Browser–European edition integrates information from Dun & Bradstreet, Worldscope, Graham & Whiteside, Market Guide, RDS, Financial Post, COMTEX, Reuters, Investext, the Gale Group, and others with searching and reporting capabilities.

New Canadian Information
OneSource has integrated critical business information from the Financial Post and The Globe and Mail into select product offerings. Together these new sources will add information on thousands of public and private Canadian companies.

“OneSource seeks out the best sources of company information to meet the demands of our dynamic customer base,” said OneSource’s Becker. “Business Browser subscribers have told us that they need more detailed information on leading Canadian companies in order to be fully informed about the Canadian marketplace. The addition of the Financial Post and The Globe and Mail company databases strengthens the robust Canadian content in Business Browser.”

The Financial Post and The Globe and Mail databases will be added to the over 20,000 Canadian companies already included in Business Browser. Both sources have been seamlessly integrated into Business Browser’s user interface for quick access and ease-of-use.

The Financial Post is a leading provider of premium-quality standardized financial data on Canadian public companies. Its database provides Business Browser with financial statements, ratios, corporate descriptions, executive biographies, and industry information on over 4,500 companies. The Financial Post is offered as an add-on option to Business Browser.

The Globe and Mail Co. is a major source of both public and private Canadian company data. It provides corporate information on over 2,800 top Canadian companies. The Globe and Mail is included as part of Business Browser, and is automatically delivered to all current Global and U.S. Business Browser subscribers.

According to the company, Business Browser delivers a complete range of corporate and industry information including company profiles, news, business and trade articles, analyst reports, executive profiles, industry intelligence, and financial data. Business Browser provides textual and numerical information from different sources and integrates it with a consistent “look and feel.”

Source: OneSource Information Services, Inc., Concord, MA, 800/554-5501, 978/318-4300; Fax: 978/318-4690;

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