Volume 17, Number 1 • January 2000
InvisibleWeb discovers hidden treasures — This new service from Intelliseek opens doors for searchers
by Mick O'Leary

DATABASE REVIEW column states that recent studies demonstrated that the largest search engines reach no more than about 20 percent of Web pages. Notes that "hidden" databases, such as MEDLINE and the Library of Congress catalog, comprise an immense resource that is typically inaccessible to search-engine technology. Focuses on InvisibleWeb.com, produced by IntelliSeek of Cincinnati, OH (513), a classified, searchable catalog of content-rich, reference-quality Web sites. Explains that it will identify prominent reference sites, but says that its real contribution is the ability to bring up obscure, but useful sources. Calls it a database of databases on the Web. Says that it is a free, non-registration site which is ad-supported. Concludes that its business model demands a broad end-user/knowledge worker audience. Expresses the hope that it succeeds for the sake of information professionals. Includes one product summary.
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