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Volume 19, Issue 2 — February 2002
Table of Contents Previous Issues Subscribe Now! ITI Home Introduces New Indices, a Web journal dedicated to Internet legal research and technology-related issues, has announced that it has made its extensive archive of legal research and Internet law-related content more accessible to visitors. Site-owners Cindy L. Chick and Sabrina I. Pacifici have developed a series of searchable, browsable indices that make the site's more than 900 articles, columns, features, and news stories even easier for users to find and navigate, according to the announcement. The site'sentire archive, dating back to its November 1996 beginning, is available.

Visitors to can now browse the archive by topic, author, and date that an article appeared or view all the installments of the numerous columns published by the site. Additionally, Chick and Pacifici have built a taxonomy that allows users to keyword search the archives by an article's title, topic, or description, as well as by the country about which an article pertains (e.g., search "Romania" for the recent "Update to Doing Legal Research in Romania"). Previously, only full-text and keyword searching were available.

The new indices can be found at The site's full-text search engine is located at

"The best resources are of no use to a researcher if they cannot find them," said Chick. "Over the years, we have covered numerous, evolving aspects of our core subjects—legal research, technology, and Internet law—and with these new indices, our visitors will be able to 'slice, dice, and assemble' it all to meet their individual needs."

"As has matured, the depth and breadth of our coverage has expanded the volume of material in our archives exponentially," said Pacifici. "We add new material daily. These new indices make all of this information easier to access and use for our visitors."

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