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Volume 19, Issue 2 — February 2002
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OCLC Announces ILLiad Now ISO ILL Compliant, Teams with Ingram Library Services

OCLC has announced that its OCLC ILLiad interlibrary loan (ILL) management software has completed ISO ILL testing and is now fully compliant with ISO ILL standards. OCLC has also announced that Ingram Library Services has begun adding evaluative content and bibliographic records to WorldCat (the OCLC Online Union Catalog).

According to the announcement, the ability to transmit and receive interlibrary loan requests via the ISO ILL protocol provides OCLC ILLiad users with the widest choice of delivery systems available in libraries.

"OCLC ILLiad has always offered the most flexible options for requesting interlibrary loans," said Tony Melvyn, OCLC senior consulting product-support specialist. "Now that it has become ISO ILL compliant, the software provides users with additional sources from which to request material. ISO ILL within ILLiad increases options for international interlibrary loan, allowing users greater access to materials around the globe."

OCLC ILLiad software is a comprehensive interlibrary loan management system that automates routine borrowing and lending functions within a library's ILL department. OCLC ILLiad also provides a Web interface that allows library end-users to submit ILL requests and lets them track their status 24/7, without library staff intervention.

To celebrate ISO ILL implementation, OCLC will be offering a 10-percent discount on all OCLC ILLiad purchases ordered and installed by June 30, 2002. "This is a perfect opportunity for libraries to see what OCLC ILLiad can do to help streamline the interlibrary loan process," said Melvyn.

OCLC ILLiad was developed by the ILL staff at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, and has been expanded and further enhanced by Atlas Systems, Inc. Atlas Systems is the primary software developer for OCLC ILLiad and, in conjunction with OCLC, provides system support ( and documentation ( for OCLC ILLiad users.

ISO ILL 10160/10161 is the international standard for interlibrary loan—the technical definition of a series of messages and aset of rules on how to use those messages to conduct ILL between systems.

Ingram Library Services
Through a recent agreement, Ingram Library Services will do the following:

  • Supply OCLC with descriptive content to enhance WorldCat records in the OCLC FirstSearch service (including cover images, book summaries, and author notes from publisher catalogs) and tables of contents data

  • Provide cataloging information to OCLCfor the creation of new bibliographic recordsin WorldCat for Print-on-Demand titles available through Lightning Source, an Ingram affiliate. (Print-on-Demand is a digital fulfillment service offered by Lightning Source.)

  • Provide an estimated 3,000 high-quality cataloging records per month to be added to WorldCat for newly released titles that Ingram sells to libraries
"This added content and the provision of new bibliographic records earlier in the publication cycle [will] immediately benefit all users of WorldCat by making it easier for them to identify relevant materials," said Gary Houk, vice president of OCLC Cataloging and Metadata Services. "This innovative alliance advances OCLC's strategic directive of extending the scope and content of WorldCat to include new forms of information and contributors, and it reinforces OCLC's mission of furthering access to the world's information and reducing library costs."

"Both databases—OCLC's WorldCat and Ingram's BookMARC—will have moretimely records as a result of this agreement," said Jim Kelly, president of Ingram Library Services. "The entire library market will benefit."

In November, OCLC announced that Ingram Library Services is providing early cataloging information to OCLC on videos and DVDs, making the metadata available before the materials are released.

Source: OCLC, Dublin, OH, 800/848-5878, 614/764-6000;

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