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Volume 19, Issue 2 — February 2002
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Authentica Introduces New Versions of Content-Security Solutions

Authentica, Inc., a provider of digital rights management software for securing business intellectual property, has introduced PageRecall 3.0 and NetRecall 3.0, the latest versions of its content-security software for electronic documents and Web-based content. According to the announcement, thesenew versions provide enterprises, government agencies, and e-businesses with a complete solution for protecting and controlling confidential and valuable electronic content during and after delivery to recipients.

PageRecall and NetRecall include the following new features:

  • Fast protection of dynamically generated Web content—According to the announcement, NetRecall can quickly and easily protect dynamically created Web content by securing it on the fly before it's passed to the Web browser. This allows enterprises to more easily manage large amounts of content on intranet Web servers or large extranets.

  • Enhanced internationalization—PageRecall and NetRecall clients now recognize double-byte characters to support global deployments.

  • Tight integration with Microsoft Office XP—PageRecall integrates seamlessly into the Microsoft XP Office toolbars (Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint).A PageRecall button lets users protect documents in one step.

  • Auto-proxy detection—PageRecall and NetRecall will detect an organization's proxy setting and automatically configure themselves based on this setting to allow for easy and fast deployment to external users.

  • Audio File Encryption—PageRecall now lets users encrypt embedded sound files within Adobe PDF documents for e-learning, training, and other applications.
According to the announcement, Authentica's software, unlike other approaches to content security, offers the ability to recall or expire information at any time; establish whether recipients have the right to forward, print, or copy information; and track the activity of information, including when and how often it's accessed and printed throughout its life cycle. Additionally, users can selectively change access or usage policies regardless of where copies of the information are located (such as on sender or recipient desktops, servers, or CD-ROMs).

PageRecall and NetRecall are part of Authentica's suite of digital content-security solutions, which also includes MailRecall and MailRecall Gateway for e-mail. As an integrated solution, Authentica's products are scalable, easy to use, and simple for IT to administer and deploy across the enterprise, according to the announcement.

Pricing for PageRecall 3.0 and NetRecall 3.0 is based on concurrent users and server configuration and starts at $17,500 for a 100-user environment.

Source: Authentica, Inc., Waltham, MA, 781/487-2600;

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