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Volume 19, Issue 2 — February 2002
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Interwoven Releases MetaTagger 3.0, Announces Alliances

Interwoven, Inc., a provider of content infrastructure, has announced the release of MetaTagger 3.0 software, which offers companies an advanced enterprise metadata solution that will enable them to effectively and accurately reuse and re-purpose content across any and all initiatives, including enterprise portals, e-commerce, and search. The company also announced technology alliances with AltaVista, Inktomi, iPhrase, and Watchfire.

MetaTagger 3.0
Faced with increasing content volumes, enterprises often struggle with labor-intensive creation of taxonomies, manual tagging of assets, and lack of integration with a content management system, according to the announcement. With MetaTagger 3.0, Interwoven claims to deliver the only complete solution that automatically and accurately captures, classifies, and controls metadata enterprisewide.

MetaTagger 3.0 features automated taxonomy discovery, including a visual vocabulary builder, automated tagging, and seamless integration with Interwoven's content infrastructure products TeamSite, TeamSite Templating, and OpenDeploy software. It also examines collections of legacy content and automatically discovers a custom taxonomy. To match any unique enterprise business need, MetaTagger provides a visual environment to search, edit, and tune these custom-generated taxonomies. This attribute lets customers edit existing vocabularies or build new ones from scratch.

MetaTagger's ability to automatically tag content based on recognition, classification, and pre-defined business rules enables enterprises to quickly capture and classify complete metadata for all content. According to the announcement, Interwoven's unique hybrid metadata approach, which leverages the best technologies of inference and rules-based tagging, delivers the industry's most complete and precise metadata for all assets.

"Customers today are looking for a metadata solution that provides both accuracy and the ability to scale across their largest initiatives, such as portal, search, and e-commerce," said Kevin Cochrane, Interwoven's vice president of product management. "With MetaTagger 3.0 and its breadthof features, customers now have the industry's most advanced solution to provide consistent and precise tagging of all assets—all in one product."

Technology Alliances
In support of Interwoven's content infrastructure platform, AltaVista Software ( will deliver an integration module to provide indexing and full-text search of Interwoven's managed content via MetaTagger 3.0. iPhrase Technologies, Inc. (, a provider of natural language search and navigation software, announced that its flagship product, iPhrase One Step, will be integrated with Interwoven's MetaTagger 3.0. iPhrase and Interwoven also announced that they have signed an agreement to facilitate the development and marketing of the joint solution.

The alliance between Interwoven and Inktomi ( will more closely link the content-creation and discovery process by enabling Inktomi Enterprise Search to automatically index documents managed by Interwoven's content management software. Through this integration, the search engine will instantly crawl new documents as soon as they're published, allowing enterprises to maintain a more current index and ensure that users have immediate access to new corporate information. With this alliance, Inktomi Enterprise Search will also utilize the metadata created and captured by Interwoven's TeamSite and MetaTagger solutions to more accurately identify the contents of the documents for improved search relevancy.

Interwoven's alliance with Watchfire ( will integrate Watchfire's Web site management software and Interwoven's TeamSite software to allow customers to automatically scan their Web content for integrity issues before going live on a site. According to the announcement, automating manual testing benefits customers by lowering production costs and by catching issues before they're posted to a Web site, reducing the need to re-edit live content. Moreover, by inserting an automated compliance step into the work-flow process, integrity issues can be identified and fixed early in the process.

Source: Interwoven, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA, 408/774-2000;

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