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Volume 18, Issue 2 February 2001
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MightyWords Creates the Mighty Network

MightyWords has announced the launch of Mighty Network, a secure network of Web sites that distributes titles drawn from MightyWords' catalog of digital content for instant download and print. Using tools and technology provided by the Mighty Network--including digital rights management technology from, DevX,, and will set up custom stores offering MightyWords' unique digital titles from their Web sites. MightyWords uses Adobe PDF as the format for its content distribution.

According to the announcement, the Mighty Network is the realization of MightyWords' vision to create and aggregate unique, compelling content that's unavailable through traditional publishing due to its length or topic and distribute it through a network of branded distribution partners. By providing partners with the opportunity to offer this content and e-commerce functionality from their own sites, MightyWords allows them to become full-service information providers and gain new, non-advertising-based revenues.

MightyWords enables its distribution partners to select specific MightyWords titles or collections from that are then offered via content-collection pages on the partners' Web sites. Stores are automatically built and hosted by MightyWords with no engineering resources expended by the partners. MightyWords also provides partners with real-time status reports to evaluate generated revenue and users' buying patterns. For content providers, MightyWords has set up a one-step process for uploading work directly to the network, where it's immediately available for broad distribution from any Mighty Network partner Web site.

MightyWords brings relevant work to the reader by enabling its partners to place content in context on their Web sites. A Web page that supports a community of programmers, for example, may decide to build--using Mighty Network's tools--a content-collection page offering the latest titles specifically on programming.

MightyWords previously announced that its titles are available at ( and (, and that last June, invested $20 million in MightyWords.

Source: MightyWords, Santa Clara, CA, 408/845-0100;

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