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Volume 17, Issue 11 • December 2000
Thomson Financial’s Investext Database Expands Its Global Research Coverage

Thomson Financial has announced that Investext, its brokerage research collection, has expanded its international coverage with the recent addition of several new sources from France, Turkey, Russia, Mexico, and Brazil.

Thomson Financial has enhanced its French equity-research capabilities with the addition of CAI Cheuvreux, a company that has been top-ranked by Reuters, Institutional Investor, and Agefi as the best provider of French company research, according to the announcement. Another organization, BCSH Bolsa SV SA, will provide coverage of Spanish companies and industries, including telecommunications, energy, and banking.

“As globalization has become widespread, it’s more important than ever to have access to the best global company and investment research,” said Jim Bode, senior vice president for content development at Thomson Financial. “With the recent addition of firms like CAI Cheuvreux and others, the Investext database stays in step with the dizzying pace of global business, helping users gain a competitive edge.”

The Russian-based news agency Interfax supplies to Investext its fundamental company research reports covering the top-200 firms and the top-100 banks in Russia. Turkiye Sinain Kalkinma Bankasi, based in Istanbul, Turkey, provides company research on Turkish firms in such industries as banking, media, textiles, and petrochemicals, and offers industry insight on the food, cement, automotive, textile, and telecommunications industries. Securities 2000 focuses on Asian companies in the construction, retail, banking, telecommunications, and utilities industries, with an emphasis on Philippine markets.

Investext also offers Latin American research from several firms. Allaria Ledsema & CIA brings a deep knowledge of the Argentine market to its research and focuses primarily on companies within such fields as banking, electricity, gas, steel, communications, and petrochemicals. Banco Boa-vista InterAtlântico S.A. provides company, industry, and investment strategy reports on Brazilian firms within such industries as telecommunications, utilities, oil, steel, mining, and electronics. Mexico’s Casa de Bolsa Banorte S.A. de C.V. closely follows companies in such industries as banking, food, consumer products, steel, and mining. Epsilon S.A. offers research on companies and industries, most notably those in banking, telecommunications, and oil in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Mexico.

The Investext database provides in-depth and timely reports from more than 610 investment banks and brokerage firms worldwide. The collection offers approximately 2 million reports covering a variety of industries and nearly 38,000 companies.

Source: Thomson Financial, Boston, 617/856-5801;

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