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Volume 17, Issue 11 • December 2000
COMTEX Launches Two News Solutions Applications

COMTEX News Network, Inc. has announced the release of two real-time news applications that are the latest additions to COMTEX News Solutions, a suite of hosted news applications that delivers the company’s complete line of news and information products. According to the announcement, News Solutions provides COMTEX customers with an easy-to-use method for integrating content into Web and intranet sites.

News Solutions creates content communities without having to develop or host complex Web pages, content databases, or the infrastructure to support them. These applications include filtering and search functions that utilize COMTEX’s automated story coding. COMTEX categorizes and tags all stories with U.S. stock ticker symbols and standardized keywords, enabling end-users to receive relevant news and information.

COMTEX’s filtering technology uses categories, keywords, stock symbols, and time parameters to allow delivery of targeted news to a site’s audience. An online form guides Web administrators through the creation of customized filters that automatically build Web pages with the day’s most recent news stories. News Solutions also allows end-users to search for news using stock ticker symbols from publicly traded U.S. companies.

“In addition to licensing the broadest and most relevant real-time news, COMTEX can now license to its customers the news applications required for building sophisticated, real-time news Web sites,” said Charles Terry, president and CEO of COMTEX. “Employing a News Solutions application is quick and easy. In a short period of time, our customers can bring compelling, real-time news to their end-users.”

News Solutions delivers news from COM-TEX’s entire product line, aggregated from more than 60 real-time news feeds. A COMTEX customer can choose from 24 real-time, topical news feeds and editorially selected top stories from 37 verticals. Publisher full-feeds are also available.

“News Solutions was developed for online businesses looking to attract and maintain customers with compelling, updated content, without a lot of hassle,” said Terry. “As the bar for producing engaging, online content continues to rise, the News Solutions suite of news applications offers customers a wealth of diverse news offerings, with the flexibility to retrieve only the news best suited for their subscribers, in an easy-to-use package that will not strain a company’s technical resources.”

Source: COMTEX News Network, Inc., Alexandria, VA, 703/820-2000;

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