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Volume 17, Issue 11 • December 2000
Innovative Interfaces Announces E-Book Integration, Millennium Implementations

Innovative Interfaces, Inc. has announced the integration of netLibrary e-books into its INNOPAC and Millennium library automation systems. The company has also announced that the Nobel Library in Sweden, Complutense University of Madrid, the Social Law Library in Boston, and the Mac OS X operating system’s beta release will incorporate Millennium.

E-Book Integration
According to the announcement, Innovative’s integration of netLibrary e-books is available at no cost to libraries using INNO-PAC and Millennium. Under an agreement with netLibrary announced in March, Innovative has developed features that enable users to access collections of netLibrary e-books directly. Full MARC records are downloaded into the library’s catalog and provide full-text access to e-books. The netLibrary record-loading process is fully incorporated into Innovative’s Acquisitions EDI system. In addition, Innovative has developed many other new features that integrate netLibrary’s collection into the library’s online catalog, including search limits, previews, and checkout.

“Innovative is the leader in providing academic libraries with a Web-enabled library automation solution,” said Rob Kaufman, netLibrary president and CEO. “We integrated netLibrary’s collection-management architecture with Innovative because they serve a large and growing base of academic libraries and were determined to integrate a Web-based interface with e-book collections faster than anyone else. They’ve proven their leadership in the marketplace.”

With netLibrary’s collection-management architecture, patrons can remotely access e-books at any time of day or night. Also, many of Innovative’s partner libraries belong to consortia, and will be able to share and expand their holdings without the cost of physical transport.

Jerry Kline, Innovative’s president and CEO, said, “It’s Innovative’s mission to lead the industry with Web-based technology solutions for libraries. Integrating net-Library’s e-book infrastructure is part of our dedication to delivering these solutions to our partners.”

The Nobel Library
The Nobel Library of the Swedish Academy, located in Stockholm, Sweden, will complete its Millennium implementation next spring.

The Nobel Library was founded in 1901 to assist the Swedish Academy in its task of selecting the Nobel laureate in literature. It’s a modern research library with more than 200,000 volumes, making it the largest library of its type in Scandinavia. Its emphasis is on contemporary literature, mainly in original languages, but also in translations to English, French, German, and Swedish. The library also a holds a collection of literary criticism and linguistics.

Åke Erlandsson, the Nobel Library’s director, said: “Millennium was chosen because of its quality and rich functionality. The library wanted a fully integrated and fully functional system, which at the same time offered flexibility and stability. Millennium responds well to our requirements.

 “Millennium is a modern library system that will be able to handle not only our Swedish characters, but also the more than 30 languages that are covered in the Nobel Library,” said Erlandsson. “The task for the library is to cover the literature of the world—a mission for which Millennium will be an important instrument. It certainly is a challenge both for the Nobel Library and for Millennium.”

Charlotte Lindström, Innovative’s library consultant in Scandinavia, said: “Innovative’s European division supplied the Nobel Library’s existing LIBERTAS system and has supported it since early 1994, so we are very pleased to be able to continue our long-standing relationship with this prestigious library. We also look forward to following the library’s future development and cooperation with the Nobel e-Museum, where links will be created from the Nobel Library catalog.”

Complutense University
Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) will use the Millennium Web OPAC in its libraries.

Cristina Gállego Rubio, UCM’s central services coordinator, said: “We chose Millennium because of its Java-based software and the fact that it is one of the most impressive developments in integrated library systems, with the greatest implementation in major institutions and consortia. Its advanced technology simplifies the computer administration in the library, which comprises 500 different positions.

“CISNE [UCM’s catalog] will allow our library to offer a substantial and beneficial improvement in its services,” said Rubio. “The integration of all the information-related features (bibliographic materials, scientific databases, electronic journals, and electronic resources accessible through the Internet) will enable us to offer the university and scientific community an indispensable tool to access information.”

The library, which serves the largest academic institution in Spain, comprises 34 branch libraries with approximately 3.5 million patrons. The library contains over 2.5 million items, including the Ancient and Rare Books collection, which holds manuscripts, incunabula, and printed books from the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries, and an expansive dissertation collection.

The Complutense University of Madrid’s library catalog can be found at

Social Law Library
Innovative is enhancing Millennium to meet the specific needs of the Social Law Library by introducing a new concept that gathers together fines and charges from individual borrower records and shifts them to a special patron, usually representing the borrower’s law firm. This means that circulation activity retains the control Millennium offers with individual location-, patron-, and item-driven selection of sophisticated loan rules, while the business side of collecting fines and charges is centralized within the borrower’s law firm. Summary statements, which include the original fine or charge detail, make accounting easy at law firms, according to the announcement. In addition, the library retains the ability to reach the borrower directly with notices or statements of various types, with a new option in Notice Production to select between the addresses in the borrower’s record or the special patron record for the firm.

Doug Randall, Innovative’s technology product manager, was involved in the design of this Millennium extension and said: “It is always exciting to add a new conceptual element to the system, such as this new ‘master’ patron record. It not only helps the Social Law Library, but also adds another block to the foundation Innovative builds upon for ongoing enhancements in all libraries.

 “When we introduced support for family records, which some might think of as a public library concept, I was surprised at the level of interest from academic libraries that found it filled the bill nicely for their faculty’s student proxies,” said Randall. “I think this charge-consolidation concept will find its way into other types of libraries as our diverse group of librarians considers how it might help with the problems they face today in their libraries.” This feature will be available to all Millennium users in the near future.

With the implementation of Millennium, the Social Law Library will be able to provide up-to-date information for patrons and staff on all aspects of the library through the integration of its resources and services. With Innovative’s Web-based system, the library will also become a more visible member of the New England Law Library Consortium (NELLCO), allowing its Web OPAC to be included in NELLCO’s growing list of Web-based online catalogs available for simultaneous searching by member institutions.

Established in 1803 to serve the professional and intellectual requirements of the bench and bar, the Social Law Library is a nonprofit, member-managed research library that functions as the primary reference resource for the state appellate courts and administrative agencies as well as the practicing bar of greater Boston.

The Social Law Library’s current collection contains over 400,000 volumes. In addition to offering comprehensive practice materials for researchers, the library provides historic law books, court records, portraits, personal papers, and assorted incunabula. The library’s rare book holdings consist of approximately 300 volumes that were purchased in England to form its original collection, including 1,200 treaties from the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries.

Mac OS X
Innovative has installed its Web- and Java-based Millennium automation system on the public beta release of Mac OS X, a completely new implementation of the Macintosh operating system that includes full support of the Java 2 Platform. General release for Mac OS X is expected early next year.

Randall said: “Innovative is committed to offering our partner libraries a choice of operating systems. We’re pleased to see the first public appearance of the new Mac environment that includes the full Java-support Apple had announced within the developer community. Millennium is operating smoothly on an iMac in our office running the Mac OS X public beta version. Beta-testing at customer sites will soon be underway, and Innovative looks forward to providing Macintosh support to our partner libraries, in addition to existing desktop support for Windows and Linux.”

Source: Innovative Interfaces, Inc., Emery-ville, CA, 510/655-6200;

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