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Volume 17, Issue 11 • December 2000
Swets Blackwell Acquires Munksgaard Direct

Swets Blackwell and Munksgaard have announced the signing of an agreement stating that Swets Blackwell has acquired Munksgaard Direct, the book and subscription service division of the Munksgaard Group. The agreement was effective as of October, and will result in Swets Blackwell becoming Denmark’s leading agent within the business of subscription, database, and electronic information services.

Swets Blackwell currently maintains an office in Glostrup, Denmark, but will move its operations to Copenhagen. The turnover of Swets Blackwell Denmark will be 160 million Danish kroner (nearly U.S. $18 million). The integration of Munksgaard Direct’s activities into Swets Blackwell Denmark will take place over the next 6 to 7 months. All current employees of Munksgaard Direct will transition into the new company, bringing the total number of staff to 40.

The manager of Swets Blackwell’s Glostrup office, Peter Munksgaard (no relation), will remain the manager of the new, expanded operation. He said, “It is exciting to see Denmark’s two leading agents combine forces. This agreement will result in Swets Blackwell’s being able to offer an even higher level of service for our customers in Denmark than ever before.”

Since its founding in 1917, Munksgaard has evolved from a traditional bookseller to an international supplier of books, journals, and electronic media. Its publishing division, Munksgaard International Publishers, will remain separate from Swets Blackwell. More information on Munksgaard Direct can be found by visiting

According to the announcement, Swets Blackwell is the single largest subscription agent in the world, handling 2 million subscriptions annually from a database containing nearly 250,000 titles from over 65,000 publishers. Swets Blackwell communicates in 25 languages with over 60,000 academic, research and development, medical, corporate, and government library customers through its branches in 19 countries.

Source: Swets Blackwell, Lisse, Netherlands, 011-31-252-435-584; Fax: 011-31-252-415-888;

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