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Volume 17, Issue 11 • December 2000
Country Outlook Reports Added to Bureau van Dijk’s EIU CountryData

Bureau van Dijk, a global information provider, has announced the addition of Country Outlooks to its EIU CountryData service. EIU CountryData is published on both CD-ROM and the Internet in partnership with The Economist Intelligence Unit.

“The Country Outlook feature brings a new dimension to our EIU CountryData database,” said Mitchell Gouss, product manager at Bureau van Dijk. “With the addition of this text module, EIU CountryData becomes the most complete source of worldwide macroeconomic data available.” With EIU CountryData, users now have access to textual information such as domestic politics, international relations, policy trends, and international assumptions that supplement the data and data analysis features of the product.

Information, registration for free trials, and free credits for EIU CountryData are available online at or by calling Bureau van Dijk at 888/797-7120.

EIU CountryData provides access to 117 countries across 278 economic series starting from 1980 and forecasting out to 2005. Figures are also calculated for 15 regions and regional aggregates. Eighty-four quarterly and 64 monthly indicators are included for developed countries. The data is compiled by The Economist Intelligence Unit.

EIU CountryData is supplied with powerful analysis software that includes an intuitive interface, which enables users to screen on any value in the database; prepare customized reports; calculate indices, variations, trends, and moving averages; and perform segmentation, distribution, concentration, trend analysis, and mapping.

The new interface offers three “Preset” options with direct access to Key Forecasts, Economic Snapshots, and Latest Data. The search facilities have been streamlined to reflect user suggestions, and the Country Outlook module has been added.

EIU CountryData is available on CD-ROM and on the Internet and can be tested with a free trial by visiting

Source: Bureau van Dijk, New York, 212/797-7120;

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