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Volume 19, Issue 4 April 2002
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Inmagic Releases IntelliMagic 1.0

Inmagic, Inc. has announced the release of IntelliMagic 1.0, its enterprisewide market intelligence solution. With version 1.0, IntelliMagic delivers supported content source vendors, allowing storage, manipulation, viewing, and reporting/publishing. Content sources such as Northern Light are available a la carte for those wishing to enable additional content streams.

"IntelliMagic is an out-of-the-box market intelligence solution that allows any knowledge manager to make him- or herself indispensable to the organization," said Gerry Brown, Inmagic's vice president of business development. "Using IntelliMagic, knowledge managers can acquire external e-content from a variety of publishing sources, contextually merge it with stored internal intelligence, and then publish customized information snapshots individually formatted to the unique needs and specifications of internal customers. From there, internal customers can publish information in a variety of formats as defined with the help of the knowledge manager."

IntelliMagic 1.0 allows enhanced cataloging and reference capabilities. Mirroring the work flow of knowledge managers, it provides for the full integration of taxonomies and terms into the catalog. For example, a press release on Inmagic, Inc. can be mapped to multiple terms such as "text-oriented software" or "Web publishing." Referencing capabilities are expanded accordingly.

For IntelliMagic 1.0, Inmagic has pre-cataloged the URLs of many online research sites, allowing for rapid construction of live research links on any number of topics. For example, medical users searching for the latest information on the flu can use a pre-loaded set of medical-content URLs (such as PubMed) to facilitate the search.

Source: Inmagic, Inc., Woburn, MA, 800/229-8398, 781/938-4442;

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