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Volume 19, Issue 4 April 2002
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ITI Publishes Three New Books

Information Today, Inc. (ITI) has announced the publication of Historical Information Science: An Emerging Unidiscipline, a new book by Lawrence J. McCrank. ITI has also announced the release of Smart Services: Competitive Information Strategies, Solutions and Success Stories for Service Businesses, by Deborah C. Sawyer, and Internet Prophets: Enlightened E-Business Strategies for Every Budget, by Mary Diffley.

Historical Information Science
Historical Information Science: An Emerging Unidiscipline is a review and bibliographic essay that's backed by 6,000 citations. It discusses developments in information technology since the advent of personal computing, the discipline of history and its convergence with other disciplines, and both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. The book's focus is on the access, preservation, and analysis of historical information (primarily in electronic form), as well as on the relationship between new methodologies and instructional media, techniques, and research trends in library special collections, digital libraries, electronic and data archives, and museums.

According to the announcement, McCrank is a leading figure in the information industry. He's a professor of library and information science and dean of library and information services at Chicago State University.

Smart Services
Smart Services: Competitive Information Strategies, Solutions and Success Stories for Service Businesses is the first book to focus specifically on the competitive-information needs of service-oriented firms, according to the announcement. While much has been written about competition in product manufacturing and marketing, managers of service firms face different and more complex issues, not the least of which is the pivotal role of human expertise in the business, according to the announcement.SmartServices is unique in that it fully explores the specific challenges and opportunities of services competition.

In the new book, Sawyer, an author, entrepreneur, and business consultant, describesthe many forms of competition in service businesses, identifies the most effective information resources for competitive intelligence, and provides a practical framework for identifying and studying competitors in order to gain competitive advantage.

Sawyer is president of the Information Plus companies, a group of firms that provides research and consulting services to Fortune 500 corporations. She is the author of three previous books as well as numerous articles about competitive intelligence and business information.

Internet Prophets
According to the announcement, Internet Prophets: Enlightened E-Business Strategies for Every Budget is a readable, easy-to-use handbook and is the first to provide the costs of proven e-commerce strategies and match them with the budgetary needs of companies of all types and sizes.

Given a relative dearth of recent e-business success stories, and with the U.S. economy in recession, many firms are taking a conservative approach to e-commerce. In Internet Prophets, author and entrepreneur Diffley speaks to these concerns, offering advice designed to help even the most skeptical and cost-conscious executive do more business on the Web. At the heart of her book are four guides: the Internet Prophets. Each prophet speaks to a specific budget range, showcasing an array of e-commerce solutions while answering the question that is on the mind of every businessperson: "What is it going to cost?"

Internet Prophets is supported by a Web site ( created and updated by the author. It features an expanding index of e-business products and services, categorized by cost, plus information about emerging Internet business models and concepts, product reviews, and more.

In 1996, Diffley founded United Computer Specialists, Inc. (UCS), which has been profiled in The New York Times and was acquired by Frontline Communications in 1999. Diffley has a background in accounting and business processes, and specializes in providing innovative Internet strategies and integration solutions to businesses of all sizes.

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