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Volume 19, Issue 4 April 2002
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CASPR Introduces NewMARC Companion Database

CASPR Library Systems, Inc. has announced the launch of LibraryWorld MARC Companion, the "missing content" in library automation that makes it easy to do retrospective conversion. MARC Companion is a database of over 2.2 million MARC records and is fully integrated into all versions of CASPR's LibraryWorld library automation product.

MARC Companion is designed to retrieve MARC records by Author, Title, ISBN, or LCCN fields. Simply add a new record, enter the appropriate search data, and click "Lookup." The record is then placed directly into the user's own library database.

No matter which version of LibraryWorld is purchased, the MARC Companion database will get a user's library up and running quickly or update brief records with high-quality ones, according to the announcement.

All new LibraryWorld customers will automatically receive the MARC Companion database. At the same time, thousands of CASPR's existing LibraryWorld customers will receive the same database with their spring software upgrade.

MARC Companion consists of 2.2 million USMARC records purchased by CASPR on a semiannual basis from the Library ofCongress. The records are then indexed and processed using CASPR's MARC Database Engine technology.

The database is compressed on a CD-ROM for delivery and is uncompressed to reside on the user's hard disk during production. The database records can only be retrieved by CASPR's LibraryWorld software.

The LibraryWorld library automation software provides cross-platform support for cataloging, circulation, serials control, acquisitions, digital documents, and online patron access. LibraryWorld Bronze consists of a MARC cataloging module and a patron-access program called LibraryWorld Explorer. LibraryWorld Silver includes Bronze features plus a full circulation and patron-management system. LibraryWorld Gold offers all the features of Bronze and Silver plus professional serials and acquisitions modules. The LibraryNet Web Server program provides Web access to the collection from any standard Web browser.

Source: CASPR Library Systems, Inc., Saratoga, CA, 800/852-2777, 408/741-2320;

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