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Volume 19, Issue 4 April 2002
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Progressive Information Technologies Unveils Cross-Media Publishing System

Progressive Information Technologies has announced the availability ofVasont, a cross-media publishing system that enables enterprises to publish content across numerous media channels. Vasont is the seventh version of Progressive Information Technologies' flagship TARGET 2000 cross-media publishing system.According to the announcement, TARGET 2000 was renamedVasont to better reflect its continuing enhancements and significant new features.

Vasont allows organizations to not only create and manage their content in XML, SGML, HTML, and WML formats, but to instantly publish it across all media channels, including print, CD-ROM, the Web, and wireless. This is done through Vasont's Tag Neutral Technology, which stores content separately from tags to ensure content integrity and maximize content reuse. Vasont automatically deploys a new tagging standard to the content as it is extracted and makes the content flexible for simultaneous publishing to various media channels.

Vasont's new features and enhancements include the following:

  • Graphical work flow, which allows for the creation of simple to complex work-flow patterns in a pure graphical mode, such as a flow chart

  • Advanced content modeling that allows users to define custom extracts of their original content to various electronic and print publications

  • Management of work flow and full editorial processing of content in a Web browser environment

  • Integration with industry-leading XML editors and composition tools
According to the announcement, Vasont also accelerates the peer-review process and ensures the accuracy of content. An entire organization has the ability to effectively, efficiently, and securely access, update, edit, and review content through checkpoints and e-mail notifications, thus alerting users of the project's status and next step. The administrator has full control over users' content permissions and work-flow assignments.

Vasont reduces implementation costs because the content-processing options allow for its custom configuration at the user level without programming knowledge, and it offers product support of all available customization options. Vasont provides over 300 automated tasks, more than double the number of processing options offered with TARGET 2000. These include generating automatic e-mails and dynamic indexing; performing math calculations; automating work-flow tasks; and transforming content, which saves users time from "checking" their work because it dynamically updates content in all of its uses throughout the entire system once a change is made to the original content. Vasont is available as a client/server software product, an ASP model, and as a third-party leasing agreement.

Merck & Co., Inc. is using the publishing system to assist in managing and exporting the data for the publication ofThe Merck Index, 13th edition, an encyclopedia of chemicals, drugs, and biologicals. Vasont provides The Merck Index with a solution that includes data analysis, DTD writing, data conversion to SGML, and editorial work flow, as well as composition and pre-press services for its print product. Other Progressive Information Technologies clients include W.B. Saunders, the American Society of Healthcare Pharmacists (ASHP), and the McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing Group.

Source: Progressive Information Technologies, Emigsville, PA, 717/764-5908;

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