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Volume 19, Issue 4 April 2002
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Corel Corp. Introduces DEEPWHITE

Corel Corp. has announced that it has launched DEEPWHITE, a new brand that will provide solutions for content creation, enterprise process management, and technical graphics.

One of the first components of the DEEPWHITE strategy is the delivery of XML-enabled content solutions. Positioning itself to become a leading player in the content solutions market, DEEPWHITE plans to significantly impact the way companies create, exchange, and interact with content, according to the announcement.

DEEPWHITE's solutions are based on the concept of smart content, an XML-based, highly structured content associated with rules and logic that enable it to dynamically change in response to its environment, user interaction, or data input. Smart content allows enterprise customers to create content once and distribute it to multiple devices. It remains dynamic and interactive whether it's delivered to a desktop computer, PDA, or cellphone. Smart content removes the inefficiencies and limitations of existing proprietary solutions. It reduces content-creation costs, accelerates productivity, and creates new revenue streams by transforming content into interactive applications.

According to the announcement, the DEEPWHITE enterprise content platform will leverage open standards to place the power of intelligent XML content creation in the hands of end-users, developers, and designers. The platform includes the following:

  • An architectural framework for the production of interactive applications

  • Highly customizable and user-friendly XML-based content-creation tools for text, graphics, data, and layout

  • Process-management tools

  • Web services and components

  • A development tool kit that will enable ISVs, VARs, systems integrators, and corporate IT departments to build custom enterprise-class solutions to suit their needs
The first products under the DEEPWHITE brand are expected to launch later this year. For more information, visit

Source: Corel Corp., Ottawa, 800/772-6735;

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