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Volume 18, Issue 4 — April 2001
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BIOSIS Celebrates 75th Anniversary

BIOSIS, a not-for-profit organization providing life sciences information to the global research community, has announced that it will celebrate its 75th anniversary with a series of commemorative events throughout the year. Since its publication of the first biological index, Biological Abstracts (BA), in 1926, BIOSIS has supplied the research community with a wide selection of comprehensive, accessible life sciences information resources.

"BIOSIS is very proud of the role it has played in advancing science," said BIOSIS interim president John Doyle. "And we think that the current proliferation of research will make the management of information even more important in the future. BIOSIS will keep striving for new ways to make more information—and new types of information—readily available to life sciences researchers."

For this occasion BIOSIS commissioned the National Federation of Abstracting and Indexing Services (NFAIS) to write a commemorative book titled BIOSIS: Championing the Cause, The First Seventy-Five Years. Richard T. Kaser and Victoria Cox Kaser wrote the book, which was released at the annual NFAIS Conference in February. 

Other special 75th anniversary events are planned for industry conferences throughout the year, and a commemorative gift will be available through BIOSIS at these events. Additionally, the BIOSIS UK office in York has plans to celebrate its 20th year as part of the BIOSIS organization.

According to the announcement, BIOSIS got its start at a time when the growing body of biology research had become difficult to manage. BA provided a single resource where scientists could be certain to find information on published journal articles. Since that time, BIOSIS has continued anticipating changing needs in the research community, developing new products, and offering data in a number of different formats—Web, CD-ROM, and print.

Source: BIOSIS, Philadelphia, 800/523-4806, 215/587-4800;

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