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International Business Information (IBI) Directory The IBI Directory is a resource for readers of the book, International Business Information on the Web: Searcher Magazine's Guide to Sites and Strategies for Global Business Research, by Sheri R. Lanza. Organized by chapter and periodically updated, the directory includes links to all the Web resources covered in the book. To use the IBI Directory effectively, a copy of the book is required.

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Chapter 6—The Middle East and North Africa

Middle East & North African Region


Arab World Online

Middle East & North African Directories

Al Mashriq—the Levant


The Center for Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Texas at Austin

Middle East Directory

The Middle East Information Network


Lebanon Online




Middle East & North African Search Engines

Cyprus 2000

Search EgyptWeb

Robby—The Hellenic Search Engine


Lebanese Sites Search Engine

Middle East & North African Banking and Finance

The Emirates Bank Group

HSBC Bank Middle East—United Arab Emirates

HSBC Bank Middle East—Bahrain

HSBC Bank Middle East—Egypt

HSBC Bank Middle East—Jordan

HSBC Bank Middle East—Lebanon

HSBC Bank Middle East—Oman

HSBC Bank Middle East—Qatar

The National Bank of Kuwait

Jordan Kuwait Bank

Mizrahi Bank

Bank Hapoalim

Bank Hapoalim/Standard & Poor’s

Middle East & North African Stock Exchanges

Bahrain—Bahrain Stock Exchange

Egypt—Cairo & Alexandria Stock Exchanges

Iran—Tehran Stock Exchange

Kuwait—Kuwaiti Stock Prices (not the actual exchange)

Lebanon—Beirut Stock Exchange

Morocco—Casablanca Stock Exchange

Palestine—Palestine Securities Exchange

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE)

Amman Financial Market (AFM)

Tunisia—Tunis Stock Exchange

Turkey—Istanbul Stock Exchange

Middle East & North African American Chambers of Commerce

American Chamber of Commerce of Egypt

Israel-America Chamber of Commerce & Industry

The American Chamber of Commerce in Morocco

Middle East & North African Other Chambers—Not AmChams

Arab Chambers of Commerce Offices in the Arab World

National U.S.-Arab Chamber of Commerce

Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Chamber of Commerce and Industry—Haifa and Northern Israel

Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce

Federation of Jordanian Chambers of Commerce

Amman Chamber of Industry (Jordan)

Chamber of Commerce and Industry—Beirut (Lebanon)

Palestinian Chambers of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture

Palestine Chamber of Commerce

Council of Saudi Chambers of Commerce and Industry

Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Saudi Arabia)

Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Saudi Arabia)

US-Saudi Arabian Business Council

Federation of Syrian Chambers of Commerce

Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (United Arab Emirates)

Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (United Arab Emirates)

Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (United Arab Emirates)

Middle East & North African Yellow Pages

Bahrain Yellow Pages

Cyprus Yellow Pages

Iran Yellow Pages

Israel Golden Pages

Lebanon Internet Yellow Pages

Morocco Yellow Pages

Palestine Yellow Pages

Tunisia Yellow Pages (French only)

United Arab Emirates

Middle East & North African News



Middle East Economic Survey (MEES)

MEES—Newspapers and News Agencies

Israel’s Business Arena


Egypt State Information Service (SIS)

Business Today Egypt Online


Israel Association of Electronics Industries

US-IBEX—U.S. Israel Business Exchange

Israel Foreign Ministry




Arab Supernet


Other Countries

La Maison du Maroc—The House of Morocco


Bahrain Promotions and Marketing Board (BPMB)

The U.S.-Saudi Arabian Business Council

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