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Vol. 21, No. 8 Sept. 2001 

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IFLA Makes Global Progress on Big Issues
The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) has announced that it has created and approved a set of Licensing Principles, which, according to the organization, should prevail in the contractual relationship and written contracts between libraries and information providers. Topics that have been addressed in these principles include the law, access, usage and users, and pricing. The full text of the IFLA Licensing Principles is available at

In a separate news release, IFLA announced that its professional board has approved a new set of principles and guidelines for International Lending and Document Delivery. Topics include national responsibility, development of national lending systems, policy, and copyright. The principles are available to view at

Source: International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions, The Hague, Netherlands, 011-31-70-3140884; Fax: 011-31-70-3834827;

Swets Blackwell Offers Document Delivery
Swets Blackwell has announced that it has launched the functionality for document delivery via SwetsnetNavigator, its electronic journal service. Document delivery is now available from such document suppliers as Infotrieve, The British Library, and CISTI.

Document delivery in SwetsnetNavigator allows users to order the hard copy version (and soft copy, if available) of articles through the numerous document suppliers. Account administrators are given controls such as being able to select one or more of these suppliers, as well as enabling the document delivery option on a user, department, or account level. Also, Swets says it can guarantee that users do not order articles for which they currently have full-text access in SwetsnetNavigator.

Source: Swets Blackwell, Runnemede, NJ, 800/645-6595;

Scholastic Launches New MyLibrary Service
Scholastic, Inc. has announced MyLibrary, which the company says will help school librarians better meet the reading needs of students. MyLibrary analyzes school libraries that want to purchase books and software for Scholastic Reading Counts!, the reading motivation and management system for grades K-12.

MyLibrary electronically matches a school library's automated records with the Scholastic Reading Counts! database of titles. First, users export their records from their automation system to show the books they have in their library. They can also export records out of their system to show the quizzes they own. Users then send the disk or CD-ROM to Scholastic for analysis and receive electronic spreadsheet reports, which allow librarians to examine their collection by reading level, author, and title to determine how well it matches the needs and interests of students. The reports also show which titles are currently covered by school-owned Scholastic Reading Counts! quizzes.

MyLibrary is available on a per-use basis. The service is available for current customers as well as for new ones who want to use MyLibrary to plan their initial purchases. The one-time usage price is $99.

Source: Scholastic, Inc., New York, 877/268-6871;
New/Improved Databases

Bio-Rad Releases New HaveItAll Options
Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. Informatics Division has announced the release of HaveItAll NMR. According to the announcement, this new product offers spectroscopists and other analytical chemists a reliable source of NMR data of over 140,000 13C and 12,000 1H spectra they can use as a reference in the first, fully integrated environment for NMR.

The HaveItAll NMR database works within and includes Bio-Rad's new KnowItAll Analytical System. With the combined power of these two products, researchers can have all of their data in one place, make predictions, search, access reference spectra, build databases with assignments, and cross-reference NMR data with other analytical techniques. They can also generate high-quality reports.

In a separate announcement, Bio-Rad introduced annual subscription-based pricing for its HaveItAll IR spectral database collection. HaveItAll IR allows researchers to import their own data and search against the reference database as well as their own databases. Searches can be based on spectrum, peak, name, structure, substructure, and property fields, such as manufacturer, technique, boiling point, etc. The HaveItAll IR Subscription also includes tools for IR functional group analysis, spectral processing, and comprehensive structure drawing and publishing.

Source: Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. Informatics Division, Philadelphia, 888/5-BIO-RAD;

Dialog Has Updated Several of Its Products
Recently The Dialog Corporation has made several announcements regarding its products and services.

First, it has announced enhancements to its Profound online information service. According to the company, the product now offers faster performance via an AltaVista-powered search engine, enhanced usability and features, additional content and publishers, and standardized worldwide pricing. The new release features improvements to Profound's navigation, search input, and search output review capabilities. It also features table-of-content pricing, which allows users to monitor and control their spending more effectively.

Dialog has also announced the release of Dialog1, a streamlined search product developed to offer high-level content in an easy-to-use format. According to the company, this user-friendly delivery system is designed for vertical markets. The product facilitates a "question and answer" interaction between the user and Dialog to retrieve content. Several modules are immediately available for access, including intellectual property, pharmaceuticals, business intelligence, marketing, and world news. The company expects to make available energy, engineering, and biotech modules later this year.

In another news release, Dialog reported that the full collection of Investext reports, complete with images, is available as Adobe PDFs through DialogSelect and Profound.

In other news, the company says that it will be working on new pricing initiatives during the next 2 years. Also, it eliminated fees for training effective May 1, 2001.

Source: The Dialog Corporation, Cary, NC, 800/3DIALOG, 919/462-8600;

ALLDATA Offers Car Repair Information
ALLDATA, a provider of computer-based automotive repair information, launched ALLDATA Online at the American Library Association Annual Conference in San Francisco.

According to the announcement, ALLDATA Online delivers engine-specific diagnostic and repair procedures, electrical diagrams, periodic maintenance recommendations, technical service bulletins and recalls (updated daily), and parts and labor information. Standard browser features such as bookmarks and page histories make navigation easy. When patrons log on, they can find information for their particular make and model of vehicle, search by symptom, check on recalls, etc., and get specific repair information such as part numbers, prices, where to buy, how-to repair tips, diagrams, and more.

Source: ALLDATA, LLC, Elk Grove, CA, 800/829-8727;

SIRS Adds New Features to Its Databases
SIRS Mandarin, Inc. has announced that it has added features to SIRS Government Reporter and SIRS Researcher databases.

SIRS Government Reporter has added a new unit entitled Peace and Prosperity 1953­1961 to its National Archives Documents. Themes include American Popular Culture, the Civil Rights Movement, the Cold War at Home and Abroad, the Korean Armistice, and the Beginning of the United States' Involvement in Vietnam. Besides documents and photos, each theme also includes an interpretive essay placing the documents in context.

SIRS Researcher has added relevant and timely images from Reuters photo archives to Today's News. Now, researchers will not only be able to search the most current news articles, but will have the added ability to view, enlarge, and download current and newsworthy photographs accompanied by descriptive text. Today's News can be accessed through "Additional Databases" on SIRS Knowledge Source.

Source: SIRS Mandarin, Inc., Boca Raton, FL, 800/232-7477, 561/994-0079;

ingenta Launches Two New Online References
ingenta has announced that it has partnered with the Nature Publishing Group to create two new scientific e-communities, the Encyclopedia of Life Sciences ( and the Encyclopedia of Astronomy and Astrophysics (

The Encyclopedia of Life Sciences (ELS), which took 4 years to develop, contains over 3,000 specially commissioned, peer-reviewed articles from more than 5,000 scientists from around the world. The site also contains 6,000 color illustrations, a glossary of 5,000 terms, and tens of thousands of links to primary literature, news articles, multimedia, and biological and educational resources on the Web. ingenta says the site will be constantly revised and kept up-to-date, and it offers advanced search capabilities.

The Encyclopedia of Astronomy and Astrophysics (EAA), according to the announcement, is the most comprehensive resource ever published on the topic. Written by 800 leaders in the field, online viewers will have access to a number of features such as article and picture of the week, research news, and reports ranging from current solar activity to weather conditions in space.

Source: ingenta, Cambridge, MA, 888/263-5720, 617/395-4000;

Inmagic Adds InfoCart Consulting Product
Inmagic, Inc.'s consulting division has announced the release of its new consulting product, the InfoCart. The InfoCart can be customized and incorporated into Inmagic's core DB/Text WebPublisher products.

According to the head of Inmagic's consulting division, InfoCart allows users to save the results of a catalog search so that item references can be grouped and stored for later retrieval. Individual selections can be processed as groups of items, providing work-flow efficiencies for both end-users and library staff.

Inmagic has also recently introduced an Email Request System, which allows users to request items via e-mail directly from the online catalog.

Source: Inmagic, Inc., Woburn, MA, 800/229-8398, 781/938-4442;

LexisNexis Adds New Assistive Features, Unveils 'Current Issues Universe' Product
LexisNexis has announced that its information services are being enhanced with navigational tools and orientation information to assist the visually impaired and other users with disabilities, as now required by law for electronic information technology procured by federal government agencies.

User interfaces are being enhanced to work with several assistive technologies including the talking browser Home Page Reader developed by IBM and the screen reader JAWS (Job Access With Speech) from Freedom Scientific. These new features ensure that LexisNexis' most popular information services sold to federal government customers can be configured to comply with the final regulations of Section 508 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended in 1998.

In a separate announcement, LexisNexis introduced Current Issues Universe (CIU), a Web-based research solution designed to provide students with access to documents offering multiple perspectives on issues facing today's society.

CIU has its collection arranged into a Current Issues List, a growing collection of more than 2,000 questions focused on key areas of interest and controversy. Questions are arranged by subject category. Each question in the Current Issues List directs students to relevant, full-text source documents, including gray literature resources. Students can also search for relevant editorials, newspaper articles, and public opinion polls from additional LexisNexis databases. New documents are added to CIU every 2 weeks, and issues are updated based on current events.

Source: LexisNexis, Dayton, OH, 800/227-4908, 937/865-6800;
Company News

Data Downlink Changes Its Corporate Name, Offers New Service for Company Info
Data Downlink Corp., a privately held global provider of business and financial information, has announced the change of its corporate name and brand identity to Alacra, Inc. The company's portfolio of service offerings, which includes the business search engine Portal B and the premium database service .xls, were to be packaged as Alacra and available to users under that name beginning in July.

The company also has announced a new service called Alacra Book, a Web-based publishing platform that collects data and packages business information from multiple sources into a single Adobe PDF document. The new service is intended for use by investment banks, law firms, consultancies, and other corporations in the daily preparation of Public Information Books (PIBs) and other presentations. Accessible via the Internet or a corporate intranet, the company claims that Alacra Book reduces this critical compilation task from hours to 10 minutes.

Source: Alacra, Inc., New York, 212/363-9620;

Factiva Redefines Enterprise Information
Factiva has announced the launch of, a Web-based news and business information service. will replace Dow Jones Interactive and Reuters Business Briefing, and will deliver the content sets from these two existing products to provide a universally indexed, global content collection of nearly 8,000 sources in 22 languages from 118 countries.

Factiva's global content collection includes Dow Jones and Reuters Newswires, The Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, South China Morning Post, Reuters Pictures, and industry and trade publications, plus more than 7,500 business-oriented sites. Factiva Intelligent Indexing categorizes all of this information with industry, news topic, and geographic codes plus more than 300,000 company codes.

According to the company, the design of allows users to customize the display and functionality of their search screens, and gives them access to every product feature from almost every interface point in two keystrokes or less. News-tracking folders enable users to monitor industries, customers, competitors, or specific topics of interest and receive that news via e-mail. Users may also personalize the product by building news pages to meet their specific business information needs. Administrators can control how information is used and distributed within the enterprise with customized group news pages.

Source: Factiva, Princeton, NJ, 800/369-7466, 609/627-2000;

Ovid's Acquisition of SilverPlatter Complete
Ovid Technologies has announced that its acquisition of SilverPlatter Information, Inc. was complete as of June 14. According to the announcement, efforts to integrate SilverPlatter into Ovid Technologies were to begin immediately.

With this acquisition, Ovid says it hopes the companies will complement each other's market strengths and positions.

Source: Ovid Technologies, New York, 800/950-2035, 212/563-3006;

Luna Creates New Partnerships that Enable Users to Access Digital Collections
Luna Imaging, Inc. and Ex Libris have announced a cooperative agreement that provides an integrated approach for cataloging, accessing, and enhancing the viewing experience and use of both images and data in library collections.

In the first demonstration of the compatibility of Luna's Insight software with library management systems, at the Cultural Heritage Collaboration in the Digital Age conference, a group of historic maps was integrated into Ex Libris' DigiTool software. Attendees were able to use DigiTool to access thumbnail images and data, while those seeking high-resolution images in the collection were discreetly transferred into the Insight user workspace to zoom, pan, and conduct side-by-side comparisons.

In a separate press release, the Research Libraries Group (RLG) and Luna announced the use of Luna's Insight software to enhance online use of the RLG-distributed AMICO Library. The AMICO Library is an online repository of art from the Art Museum Image Consortium (AMICO) that contains multimedia documentation of works in leading museums. Using Luna's Insight software, RLG will make the new, enlarged edition of the AMICO Library, which comprises over 77,000 works of art, available for subscription worldwide in the 2001­2002 academic year.

Source: Luna Imaging, Inc., Venice, CA, 800/452-5862;

Gale Creates Partnerships, Gains New Services
Gale Group has announced it has formed a partnership with ingenta that will integrate ingenta's 4,500 scholarly and academic e-journals within Gale's InfoTrac Web. Later this year, people who search InfoTrac Web periodical databases will be able to seamlessly check the ingenta service for articles matching their searches. Subscribers hosted by ingenta will automatically be linked to the full-text content from their searches.

According to the announcement, this partnership is one of a series of steps by Gale to interlink its databases within the larger Web and library environments. Other moves include support of the OpenURL standard to allow searchers to scan SFX-compliant databases without leaving InfoTrac Web. Additionally, Gale has launched MARC records with InfoMarks, which will allow OPAC searchers to hotlink to relevant information within InfoTrac Web, and also a Web-based-links-to-holdings feature to search library holdings from InfoTrac Web.

In a separate news release, Gale and announced they are joining forces on a new online genealogy service for libraries. AncestryPlus will integrate's information resources, including more than 10 million images of the U.S. Federal Census forms, with Gale's genealogical references in a simple Web interface. is a consumer online service containing records on more than 1 billion names. In addition to its store of the entire U.S. Federal Census forms from 1790­1920, also provides information from vital, church, military, and court and probate records.

Source: Gale Group, Farmington Hills, MI, 800/877-4253, 248/699-8554;

Infotrieve Redesigns Its Site with Features
Infotrieve, Inc. has announced enhancements to its article and document retrieval Web site ( The site now provides access to more content, customizable searching, topic alerts, user-management tools, and a streamlined transaction process.

For example, one click takes users to the e-CONTENT collection, and the MEDLINE database is available in updated form on the site. Complementing MEDLINE is PREMED, a database of MEDLINE articles that are in the final peer-review stage.

An improved Table of Contents (TOC) Browser enhances the company's pay-per-article service. The Collaboration Tool, an advanced search engine, lets users share search parameters, specifying article category, publication, or topic. This allows research teams to work together regardless of location or time zone. The site also provides configurable search alerts that automatically scan all available databases and send an SDI (selective dissemination of information) alert to the user when a new content entry matches a search profile.

In several other news releases, Infotrieve announced that several companies have agreed to establish access to Infotrieve's document delivery services via deep links from inside their search interfaces. These companies include SilverPlatter Information, Inc.; EBSCO Publishing; H.W. Wilson; Ex Libris; and Swets Blackwell.

Source: Infotrieve, Inc., Los Angeles, 800/422-4633, 310/234-9480;

LexisNexis Creates New Brand and Logo, Introduces New Solution for the Enterprise
In a move that unifies its legal and information resources under a single brand, Reed Elsevier's legal division has announced the launch of LexisNexis as a brand to encompass its worldwide legal operations and products. Effective immediately, LexisNexis represents the Reed Elsevier PLC legal and information operations in 21 countries and all of its legal and information products marketed worldwide.

In a separate announcement, LexisNexis introduced Customized eSolutions, which offers an integrated approach to the information needs of corporations and government agencies. The service-based approach, according to the company, includes consultation and customized content integrated with personalized tools, training, and support.

LexisNexis Customized eSolutions are personalized to the customer on two levels. First, customers decide exactly what type of content applies to their strategic interests. Second, LexisNexis consultants deliver the content through an existing infrastructure without requiring major changes to a customer's intranet, extranet, or portal. Each desktop can then be personalized with content from LexisNexis databases and coupled with a suite of tools to integrate this information.

Source: LexisNexis, Dayton, OH, 800/227-4908, 937/865-6800;
Library Automation

Free, Web-Based Library System Available
The Technology Resource Foundation has announced OpenBook, a free, Web-based integrated library system that offers flexible, sophisticated automation to small to mid-sized public or school libraries.

OpenBook uses open source code to offer a low-cost, simple-to-use system that is rich in features. The current technical beta version includes complex searching capabilities, a full bibliographic record with external resource linking as defined in MARC21, and a cataloging function that is MARC21-compatible. Some of the system's benefits are low cost, Web-based cataloging, total capture and retention of all MARC21 fields with custom configuration of cataloging display fields, a multilingual interface, patron ability to access the system from home, enhanced safety features, and a home page development template.

According to the company, in an upcoming release OpenBook will also include a full circulation module and other features such as Z39.50 server and client capability to allow for integration into a cooperative library system or community college campus.

OpenBook was developed as a modification of Koha, the first free open source library system created in New Zealand by the Horowhenua Library Trust and Katipo Communications, Ltd. The Technology Resource Foundation, which is funded by a startup grant from the Waitt Family Foundation, develops and pilots model programs and online resources to increase digital access to information in the poorest communities.

Source: Technology Resource Foundation, Seattle, 206/332-7400;

Endeavor Announces Independent Linking
Endeavor Information Systems has announced LinkFinderPlus, an independent, OpenURL-enabled linking solution. LinkFinderPlus will allow comprehensive linking of all library resources, regardless of the software or information vendor. Scheduled to be available early next year, LinkFinderPlus will also work with Endeavor's established Voyager integrated library management system and the ENCompass digital organization, management, and discovery tool.

According to the announcment, LinkFinderPlus functions with and complements other linking initiatives, including the CrossRef collections of over 70 academic publishers. The solution provides seamless access to all library information and relevant services across platforms, journals, and publishers, including abstracts, full text of print, links to Internet search engines, to online booksellers, and to review information. Incorporating the Open Linking Technologies from Elsevier Science and Endeavor, LinkFinderPlus features context-sensitive linking, links from other OpenURL-enabled resources, dynamic creation and validation of links, appropriate copy resolution to the article level, and extended services to Internet search engines.

Source: Endeavor Information Systems, Inc., Des Plaines, IL, 800/762-6300, 847/296-2200;

Swets Blackwell Launches SwetsWise, Its New Subscription Management Service
Swets Blackwell has announced that its SwetsWise service is now live. SwetsWise is a system that enables information professionals to consolidate and manage their subscriptions via the Internet.

According to the announcement, the product uses a simple and time efficient electronic procurement system to offer quick access to account status and subscription logs, account management options, and a comprehensive subscription renewal component. SwetsWise is desktop-accessible, allowing both information managers and subscribers to track any number of publications from the company's database.

In other news from Swets, the company launched SFX functionality in SwetsnetNavigator. SFX technology provides libraries with a fully interlinked environment in which heterogeneous scholarly information resources are seamlessly linked via the OpenURL protocol. By using the SFX functionality in SwetsnetNavigator, users can link to other resources and arrive at the appropriate copy of the article.

Source: Swets Blackwell, Runnemede, NJ, 800/645-6595;

Computers By Design Introduces CybraryNet
Computers By Design, Inc. has announced the release of CybraryNet, a wireless network solution designed especially for use in libraries.

CybraryNet integrates into a library's existing LAN or WAN, providing electronic resources to staff and patrons anywhere within the library, without the need for computer network cabling. Based on the IEEE 802.11b wireless networking standard, it can provide wireless network access at speeds up to 11 Mbps.

For example, using CybraryNet and notebook computers, librarians can set up temporary computer labs in community rooms and meeting rooms, or they can set up temporary circulation terminals for quick check out during peak times.

Using a CybraryNet hand-held computer with built-in barcode scanner, staff members can perform inventory functions, record in-house item use, or register and sign in patrons for library events and programs. Librarians at the reference desk can use their PCs to send out work requests to staff on the floor. For larger institutions, a CybraryNet hand-held computer can be equipped with a GPS device to show the location of a staff member within the stacks.

Source: Computers By Design, Inc., Nesconset, NY, 800/THE-TOWN, 631/724-5000;
Content Agreements

CSA Offers IGP's IT Case Studies Database
Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA) has announced that the Information Technology Case Studies database from Idea Group Publishing (IGP) is now available through its Internet Database Service (IDS).

This collection of original teaching cases describes information technology experiences in organizations worldwide. Each case, provided in full on IDS, gives background information, project description, current status of the case/project, and successes and failures.

Information Technology Case Studies provides abstracts of case studies dealing with a wide range of issues in information technology. Each abstract in the database links to the full text (in Adobe PDF) of each case study.

Idea Group Publishing is an international publishing company specializing in information science, technology, and management books, journals, and teaching cases.

Source: Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, Bethesda, MD, 800/843-7751, 301/961-6700;

epixtech, Syndetic Provide Enriched Content
epixtech, Inc. has announced that it has partnered with Syndetic Solutions, Inc. to deliver enriched content though iPAC, epixtech's Web-based online catalog module. According to the announcement, patrons will be able to view a wealth of content information simply by clicking on iPAC icons: tables of contents, reviews, synopses and annotations, author notes, cover art images, and excerpts, as well as fiction and biography headings.

According to a representative from the company, Syndetic's data elements can be added easily to a library's MARC records, or they can be automatically linked to the catalog through a remote access service.

Source: epixtech, Inc., Provo, UT, 800/288-8020;

Ovid to Enable Access to PsycARTICLES
Ovid Technologies has announced that through a new licensing agreement with the American Psychological Association (APA), the PsycARTICLES database of more than 25,000 articles from leading psychology journals will be available through Journals@Ovid, the fully searchable database of scientific, medical, and technical journals.

PsycARTICLES provides electronic full text of articles from 42 journals published by APA and allied organizations, and is a complement to APA's PsycINFO database. It includes a range of authoritative, peer-reviewed journals covering basic scientific research and applied, clinical, and theoretical studies in psychology.

Source: Ovid Technologies, New York, 800/950-2035, 212/563-3006;

Gale Adds New Content to Its Databases
Gale Group and the Modern Language Association (MLA) have announced an agreement that will integrate MLA's International Bibliography within Gale's Literature Resource Center. Researchers will now be able to link electronically from the MLA bibliography to the full text of articles.

According to the announcement, the MLA International Bibliography is considered the premiere tool for researchers in such areas as literature, folklore, language, and linguistics. It contains more than 1.4 million citations dating back to 1963.

In a separate news release, Gale reported that it has acquired the online rights to periodicals published by the British Medical Association. Gale will provide online access to such titles as Heart, British Journal of Sports Medicine, Journal of Medical Genetics, Occupational and Environmental Medicine, and more than 20 others.

Source: Gale Group, Farmington Hills, MI, 800/877-4253, 248/699-4253;

R.R. Bowker and ISI Link Up Their Services
R.R. Bowker has announced that is has activated bidirectional links between, its international serials directory, and the ISI Journal Citation Reports on the Web (JCR Web), a core journal evaluation tool. Available to mutual subscribers, these links allow users to identify and assess serials in one streamlined session.

Ulrich's profiles 250,000 academic journals, professional monographic series, electronic publications, conference proceedings, newsletters, newspapers, and other serials. JCR Web contains statistical data that provides quantitative measures for determining the impact of peer-reviewed journals within categories or fields. It is available in science and social science editions.

According to Bowker, while both databases are of primary interest to librarians who identify and select serials for subscription or cancellation, they are also useful to others such as authors determining where to submit articles for publication, publishers as benchmarks for editorial and marketing decisions, and researchers for locating relevant material.

Source: R.R. Bowker, New Providence, NJ, 888/269-5372;

WilsonWeb Links to Academic Press Content
H.W. Wilson has announced a database-linking agreement with science publisher Academic Press, which will provide WilsonWeb database users with the full text of articles from select Academic Press journals.

A few of the journals that are included are Animal Behaviour, Developmental Biology, Experimental Cell Research, Journal of Adolescence, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, The International Information & Library Review, and Virology. H.W. Wilson's WilsonWeb service includes more than 50 reference databases.

Source: H.W. Wilson, Bronx, NY, 800/367-6770, 718/588-8400;
Online Communities

ITtoolbox Launches Security-Themed Portal
Information Technology Toolbox, Inc. (ITtoolbox), an online collaborative network supporting information professionals, has announced its new portal, ITtoolbox Security (

Whether you're looking for tips on securing applications, networks, Web sites, specific computers, or the data stored on any of these systems, ITtoolbox Security offers IT professionals a place to meet, collaborate, and find information regarding any security issue, the company reports.

As with all the other portals in the ITtoolbox network, ITtoolbox Security is free. The portal offers focused discussion groups; a comprehensive vendor solutions directory; daily industry news; a documents section featuring peer publishing, industry articles, vendor white papers, and downloads; and a job listing database.

Source: Information Technology Toolbox, Inc., Exton, PA, 610/280-9216;

Free Pint Now Lists Information-Related Jobs
Free Pint, the Internet community for information researchers, has added job listings to its collection of free resources. According to the announcement, Free Pint Jobs, at, is the only job board specifically designed for the information researcher community.

Features include keyword searching by country, region, sector, duration, and salary, and weekly e-mail alerts of jobs that match their profiles. Features for job advertisers include free listings and a paid option to have listings highlighted.

Free Pint reports that during a trial announced at the Free Pint Bar, the community's online research forum, Free Pint Jobs logged over 10,000 searches in the first 2 days.

Source: Free Pint, London, 011-44-1784-455435;

ATLA, ATS Head Digital Resources Initiative
With the help of a grant from the Henry Luce Foundation, the American Theological Library Association (ATLA) and the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) have initiated the ATLA Cooperative Digital Resources Initiative (CDRI). This initiative, according to the announcement, will establish a freely available, Web-searchable, central repository of digital resources contributed by participating libraries, and will provide links to related free-standing projects, available at no charge to the public.

Member institutions and consortia of ATLA and ATS were to submit proposals for digital projects until the beginning of this month.

Source: American Theological Library Association, Chicago, 888/665-ATLA, 312/454-5100;
System Components

Veicon Announces Its V-Link cLife Solution
Veicon Technology, Inc. has announced that its V-Link thin client solution for Internet and e-mail can now be extended librarywide because it now employs Kerberos secret-key cryptography. By integrating Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Kerberos encryption software into its new V-Link cLife solution, the company now provides client/server identification across insecure networks, which prevents unauthorized access to information at controlled Web sites.

Veicon's V-Link terminals run Microsoft's thin client Windows environment, providing users with a familiar interface and popular software such as Internet browsers, many e-mail clients, and optional MS Office tools, as well as local and network printing.

V-Link terminals employ Veicon's software technology, which, according to the announcement, provides unmatched file system protection, remote administration, and both user and system security. Veicon provides complete support, including installation and maintenance, for the V-Link Internet access devices and associated network equipment.

Source: Veicon Technology, Inc., Beaverton, OR, 888/645-2288, 503/645-1551;

MacPopUp Messenger Built for Windows
Kanex Group, Inc. has announced MacPopUp 2.5. MacPopUp allows Windows users to exchange instant messages with other users on any local area network. It also works with UNIX and Mac computers.

With its new features, users can now broadcast messages to multiple users or multiple workgroups, be members of multiple workgroups, select a recipient from a pull-down menu, print messages, and send messages faster.

MacPopUp also features text-to-speech so that MacPopUp can be left working in the background and all incoming messages can be listened to while the user continues to work. MacPopUp also utilizes Speech Recognition software and accepts more than 25 speech commands.

To download and install the 30-day trial version, go to Pricing starts at $10 per copy with deep discounts for site licenses and educational institutions.

Source: Kanex Group, Inc., Vancouver, WA, 360/968-4450;

Keep Your 'Mice' Clean with HappyMouse
An Oklahoma man has invented a low-tech solution for keeping "mice" clean. The HappyMouse mouse cleaner is a plastic tool designed especially to help you remove the sometimes-stubborn ring on the bottom of the computer mouse, and then, using the opposite end of the tool, scrape the accumulated "gook" off the rollers inside the mouse. The tool helps mice from becoming jerky and erratic to use.

For a demo of the product, see

Source: Tom Bergman, Edmond, OK, 405/359-1696;

eSniff Offers Different Approach to Filtering
eSniff, Inc., a developer of plug-and-play hardware designed to end network abuse, has announced the availability of the eSniff 1100 and its monitoring technology for use in schools. Unlike blocking and filtering solutions, the eSniff device sits passively on a computer network and does not restrict communication or access to the Internet. Rather, eSniff uses advanced linguistic techniques to analyze all network traffic (including Internet, intranet, e-mail, chat, ftp, telnet, print jobs, and proprietary protocols), and then only identifies, isolates, and stores the activity predefined by the school as inappropriate.

Any inappropriate activity such as downloading pornographic material, viewing illegal drug or bomb-making Web sites, or engaging in racist chat room dialogue is captured by the eSniff 1100. Categories of abuse and sensitivity levels for each can be tailored to the school's needs and culture.

eSniff strikes a balance between students' right to access the Internet and educators' obligation to ensure its appropriate use.eSniff 1100 is a Linux-based hardware device that runs on any 10BaseT or 100BaseT network.

Source: eSniff, Inc., Denver, 800/262-0274;

Diskeeper 6.0 Second Edition Runs Faster
Executive Software has announced the release of Diskeeper 6.0 Second Edition, which includes advances that enable it to defragment even faster than its earlier version.

Diskeeper is a network defragmenter that works quickly and efficiently. According to tests performed by National Software Testing Laboratories, Inc., Diskeeper defragments a disk significantly more thoroughly and from 300 percent to 500 percent faster than the disk defragmenter included in the Windows 2000 operating system. Also, Diskeeper uses only one-third of the memory and one-fifth of the CPU resources of other defragmenters, Executive Software reports.

Diskeeper 6.0 Second Edition can be purchased at or from many retailers. The estimated single license price for Diskeeper 6.0 Second Edition server version is $249 and $49 for workstation. Volume licensing is available.

Source: Executive Software International, Burbank, CA, 800/829-6468, 818/771-1600;
Data Aggregators

Quiver Expands Beta for Taxonomy Platform
Quiver, Inc., a provider of categorization software for enterprise and online content, has announced that the beta version of its QKS Classifier is publicly available for download.

QKS Classifier, which has been in early beta testing with several development partners, is a hybrid taxonomy platform that augments classification algorithms with a distributed workflow environment. According to the announcement, this combination yields a distinctively more accurate directory of enterprise content than purely automated solutions.

The Quiver solution acknowledges that technology is limited without the influence of human judgment and contextual analysis. The company claims that Quiver ensures the quality of a handcrafted taxonomy by providing a best-of-breed auto-categorization engine that's tightly integrated with an intuitive directory management tool set. As information managers work with QKS Classifier, the system captures their input and integrates this new knowledge into the learning algorithms for retraining.

For information on joining Quiver's beta program, contact or visit the company's Web site.

Source: Quiver, Inc., San Francisco, 415/863-9945; Upgrades Its Data Aggregator has announced it is launching a new version of its software solution, Copernic Aggregator, a data management platform that aggregates and integrates diverse information into a single location.

Version 1.5 of Copernic Aggregator, according to the announcement, is the first of its kind to achieve complete integration with the security model used by the Windows NT and Windows 2000 operating systems. It provides access to secured databases and information sources of all kinds: from the Internet, intranets, extranets, and the invisible Web, as well as company databases.

The company reports that Copernic Aggregator's rapid installation and seamless integration simplify the administrator's task to completely modify the appearance of the interface. Also, the administration tool included with the platform can be used to configure automatic search queries and to create groups and user profiles, thereby personalizing the experience of each user. All this is done using a simple Web interface.

Source:, Quebec City, PQ, Canada, 418/527-0528;

Convera Upgrades Security Features with Version 6.9 of RetrievalWare Search System
Convera has announced the release of Convera RetrievalWare 6.9, the latest version of its high-performance intelligent search-and-retrieval solution for indexing and searching a wide range of distributed, text-based content. According to the announcement, RetrievalWare 6.9 is the first search system to provide user- and document-level security simultaneously across many enterprise groupware and document management systems.

RetrievalWare 6.9 offers cross-repository search so that a single user login can be authenticated to perform a simultaneous search across multiple document repositories using the access permissions granted by the native application. The search results will contain only those items that each searcher is permitted to view. Any changes to access permissions in any of the indexed repositories are immediately picked up by RetrievalWare so that access is always up-to-date.

Other features in the new version include enhanced Microsoft Exchange security, general availability of specialized medical and pharmaceutical search aids, and updated platform and third-party support (including Windows 2000, Sun Solaris 7 and 8, and RedHat Linux 6.1).

Source: Convera, Vienna, VA, 800/788-7758;
CD/DVD Products

Dialog Launches Chemical Reference on DVD
The Dialog Corporation has announced a new DVD title in collaboration with John Wiley & Sons, called The Kirk Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology, fourth edition. It describes the theory and practice of chemical engineering, the industrial production and uses of chemical materials, and basic subjects of chemistry. According to the announcement, the title is commonly accepted as the standard reference work on any chemical topic or industry.

The single DVD contains the full text of the entire 27-volume hard-copy equivalent. A powerful index (unique to the DVD edition and with almost 100,000 terms), advanced search forms, and the facility to search for common chemical properties complement the authoritative and comprehensive analysis.

All Dialog OnDisc products are compatible with DOS, Macintosh, Windows, and Web platforms. The Kirk Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology, fourth edition on DVD, costs $9,995.

Source: The Dialog Corporation, Cary, NC, 800/3DIALOG, 919/462-8600;

ATLA Launches New Windows Version on CD
The American Theological Library Association (ATLA) has announced its new Windows version of the ATLA Religion Database (ATLA RDB) on CD-ROM.

ATLA RDB is an index to journal articles, book reviews, and essay collections in all fields of religion. The Windows version will now be considered the standard version of the database on CD-ROM.

Source: American Theological Library Association, Chicago, 888/665-ATLA, 312/454-5100;
New Books

Neal-Schuman Publishes New Guides on Copyright, the Net, Electronic Classrooms
Copyright in Cyberspace: Questions and Answers for Librarians (ISBN: 1-55570-410-7, $55), by Gretchen McCord Hoffman, tells librarians what they need to know about online copyright law and how it applies specifically to libraries. Topics covered include fair use and other "pockets of protection," liability for Web content, interlibrary loan and resource-sharing, downloading and printing rights, hyperlinks, public display, and performance of audio/video on the Internet. A look at recent legislation is included, along with a discussion of trademark law and the use of words and symbols as logos, links, and metatags.

Neal-Schuman Complete Internet Companion for Librarians, second edition (ISBN: 1-55570-414-X, $79.95, book and CD-ROM), by Allen C. Benson, covers library-related topics, from Internet basics to digital library design, intranets, extranets, metadata, computer security, information architecture, filters, copyright, operations, domain name registration, Linux, e-books, and more. Of special interest to all types of librarians, this edition introduces a CD-ROM with annotated links to 500 sites on both traditional and new topics, such as copyright guidelines, technical services resources, Web site development, information architecture, and knowledge management.

Neal-Schuman Electronic Classroom Handbook (ISBN: 1-55570-407-7, $75), by Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe, provides practical information and solutions for academic, public, school, and special librarians who are responsible for designing and administering instructional programs. See how to plan and manage all aspects of an electronic learning environment from design and equipment to licensing, funding, teaching, and evaluating. Topics include demonstration classrooms, space requirements, storage, security, networks, workstations, and distance learning technologies.

Source: Neal-Schuman Publishers, Inc., New York, 212/925-8650;

ALA Editions Offers Electronic Serials Title
Managing Electronic Serials: Essays Based on the ALCTS Electronic Serials Institutes 1997­1999 (ISBN: 0-8389-3510-9; $38, $34.20 for ALA members), by Pamela M. Bluh for the Serials Section of the Association for Library Collections and Technical Services, details the process of managing electronic serials. It covers everything from licensing, acquiring, and cataloging to the practical challenges of circulation and equity of access. In this book, 14 librarians share their expertise in staffing appropriately, scrutinizing content of potential acquisitions, negotiating license arrangements, avoiding copyright pitfalls, and enhancing content with hypertext links.

Source: ALA Editions, Chicago, 800/545-2433;

Libraries Unlimited Spotlights the Internet
In Issues for Libraries and Information Science in the Internet Age (ISBN: 1-56308-805-3, $45), author Bruce A. Shuman explores the challenges and possible solutions to the issues of the Internet Age: Will libraries become extinct? Or will they bridge the information gap? What about censorship, information overload, and archiving?

Shuman's take on the Internet is one of an ever-evolving beast. As he progresses through six chapters, Shuman takes the reader from mastering the nature of the beast (including a discussion of online searching pitfalls and other more general hazards) to the intricacies of Internet ethics. According to the announcement, Shuman leaves you better able to manage the endless flow of information and misinformation online, thereby improving service to patrons.

Source: Libraries Unlimited, Englewood, CO, 800/237-6124;
End-User Interfaces

TLC/CARL Enhances YouSeeMore Product
The Library Corporation (TLC) and CARL Corp. have announced that they have engineered enhancements to the YouSeeMore product.

The latest version of YouSeeMore permits patrons visiting their library's Web site to create their own, interactive library Web pages "streamed" with a broad range of individualized content, including news, weather, and personal library account information. Patrons may view their accounts; input their preferences for books, tapes, music, and CDs and receive alerts when items of interest are added to the collection; and search the public access catalog from within this personal site.

In a separate announcement, TLC/CARL said that they have included weather reports from AccuWeather and more robust search capabilities from Muse Global. Muse (a Multi-protocol, Universal Search Environment) taps other search engines for advanced searches and comprehensive results. Patrons can explore multiple databases, regardless of protocol, through a single gateway.

Source: The Library Corporation, Inwood, WV, 800/325-7759, 304/229-0100;

Ovid Brings Hand-Held Technology to Doctors
Ovid has announced Ovid@Hand, developed along with Unbound Medicine, which will allow clinicians to order database searches and to learn more about new journal articles directly from a Palm Pilot, Handspring Visor, or other hand-held device.

With Ovid@Hand, clinicians will be able to enter requests for specific information, articles, or searches directly into their hand-held devices at any time. They can also review the latest tables of contents from their preselected personal library of medical journals. Whenever they sync their hand-held devices with their computers, Ovid@Hand instantly fulfills the requests, including database searches, access to full-text articles, and more. They can also use their hand-held devices for point-of-care information about drugs, drug interactions, and other medical topics.

Source: Ovid Technologies, New York, 800/950-2035, 212/563-3006;

Follett Updates Its Bilingual Functionality
Follett Software Co. has announced that it has updated its WebCollection Plus software, which allows students to search information resources electronically in English, Spanish, or French, making it easier for schools to teach in multiple languages.

The latest version of WebCollection Plus gives schools the option of an English/Spanish or an English/French search interface. Users may switch easily between language interfaces. Students simply enter a search term in Spanish or French, and related records will appear (in the same language in which they are cataloged). Spanish and French help screens are also available.

WebCollection Plus enables students to search library collections from any location, 24 hours a day, by making them available via the Internet or intranet. Besides searching by title, author, subject, keyword, call number, series, and Boolean term, WebCollection Plus also features interlibrary loan and hold requests 24 hours a day; item availability check; custom bibliography creation; and searches based on Accelerated Reader, Reading Counts!, and Lexile Measures.

Source: Follett Software Co., McHenry, IL, 800/323-3397, 815/344-8700;

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