Computers in Libraries
Vol. 20, No. 5 • May 2000

ALA to Provide Its New Internet Toolkit
The American Library Association (ALA) has announced that its new Libraries & the Internet Toolkit is available on its Web site at The toolkit is designed to assist librarians in managing the Internet and in educating the public about how to use it effectively. Librarians are encouraged to download the document from the Web and reproduce it for their staff members, board members, trustees, and Friends.

The toolkit includes a comprehensive tip sheet with information about filtering, sample Internet use policies, best practices, tips for handling tough questions, publicity ideas, and resource lists. It also includes a fact sheet, Q&A, and key ALA contacts.

Library advocacy training in how to address concerns about the Internet is available by calling the ALA Public Information Office at 800/545-2433, ext. 2148. The training includes tips for dealing with the media and handling tough questions.

Source: American Library Association, Chicago, 800/545-2433; Fax: 312/944-8520;

Drexel Offers Online Digital Info Master’s
Drexel University’s College of Information Science and Technology has announced that this fall it will offer an online master’s degree focused on the management of digital information. This online program will have a strong information technology focus and will prepare students to work effectively in today’s electronic age, according to the announcement. The program emphasizes database management, human-computer interaction, distributed computing, and networking, as well as Internet information resource design. Students will also be able to further specialize in competitive intelligence within the program.

Graduates will earn the M.S. (library and information science) degree and will be qualified for positions such as digital librarian, knowledge management specialist, technical librarian, and Internet content librarian, among others.

Source: Drexel University, College of Information Science and Technology, Philadelphia, 215/895-2474; Fax: 215/895-2494;

LC Adds Materials for Disabled Patrons
The Library of Congress’ National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS) has announced that it has added more than 38,000 bibliographic records from the U.K.’s Royal National Institute for the Blind into its Union Catalog of Braille and audio reading materials. The Union Catalog now holds more than 340,000 bibliographic records, representing special-materials collections in the U.S., Ireland, Canada, the U.K., and New Zealand.

The 38,000 records represent book titles recorded on two- and four-track format cassette tapes, as well as Braille books and musical scores. Book titles in Moon format, a simplified tactile writing system based on the standard English alphabet, will be added in the near future. Some special-format titles that are not available for sale or interlibrary loan, however, will not be added.

In other news, the Library of Congress has announced that it is developing a new system, a life-cycle cost tool, to determine the most efficient and cost-effective way to bring digital talking books to its NLS users. The project requires working closely with program patrons and the national network of cooperating libraries to accurately identify and categorize all program costs.

Source: Library of Congress, Washington, DC, 202/707-2905; Fax: 202/707-9199;

U-M to Participate in a Program to Advance Middleware Computing for Internet2
The University of Michigan (U-M) has announced that it will participate with 10 other universities in an Early Adopters Program ( sponsored by the University Corporation for Advanced Internet Development (UCAID) with funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF). According to the announcement, the Early Adopters will help develop and act as a test bed for middleware computing technologies, resulting in early implementation of important tools for campus networks.

The program is designed to help campuses advance middleware computing technologies in preparation for the next generation of the Internet (Internet2) being developed for research and education purposes by participating universities and other supporters. The Early Adopters status offers U-M access to high-level technical support, an opportunity to establish national models of deployment, a forum for sharing experiences and best practices for implementation, and the ability to evaluate new tools and technologies.

Source: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, 734/764-7260;

Micromedia Introduces Its Governments Canada 2000—Premier Edition Directory
Micromedia, a division of IHS Canada, has announced the introduction of the premier edition of Governments Canada 2000, a complete and comprehensive guide to locating people and programs in Canada.

Governments Canada 2000 provides regularly updated listings on federal, provincial, and territorial government departments, offices, and agencies across Canada. Branch and regional offices are also included, along with all associated agencies, boards, commissions, and crown corporations. Listings include contact name, full address, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail addresses.

The resource is produced by the professional editors of the accredited Canadian Almanac & Directory, and it is available as a semiannual print directory or electronically on CD-ROM or via the Web.

Source: Micromedia, Toronto, 416/362-5211; Fax: 416/362-6161;

EBSCO Book Services Has Been Launched
EBSCO Information Services has announced that it has launched an online book searching and ordering service at, which, according to the company, maximizes Web-based e-commerce applications for organizations and their end-users.

Initially available to North American organizations, EBSCO Book Services gives end-users desktop access to a large selection of books in various disciplines, along with contemporary fiction and nonfiction. At the same time, corporate purchasing and payables operations can manage the accounting, tracking, and ordering functions of book usage within the organization.

Invoicing and credit card options provide for flexible payment methods from a secure server. EBSCO says it is utilizing established fulfillment and delivery processes to provide high fill rates and cost-efficient service. Distribution centers are located throughout the continental U.S., enabling EBSCO to provide next-day delivery to more than 90 percent of its customers.

Source: EBSCO Information Services, Birmingham, AL, 205/991-1368;


O’Reilly Publishes New Book on Privacy
O’Reilly & Associates has announced the release of Database Nation: The Death of Privacy in the 21st Century by Simson Garfinkel (ISBN: 1-56592-653-6, $24.95). This book is about the fundamental civil right of privacy and the serious threats to that right. According to the announcement, these threats include the death of due process, biometrics, misuse of medical information, the systematic capture of everyday events, the commodification of personal information, the bugging of the outside world, runaway marketing, genetic autonomy, and the individual as terrorist. Garfinkel also includes stories of real people whose lives were turned upside down by breaches of their privacy.

Source: O’Reilly & Associates, Sebastopol, CA, 800/998-9938, 707/829-0515; Fax: 707/829-0104;

ALA Editions Publishes New Titles on Adaptive Technology and Cybrarianship
ALA Editions has announced the publication of two new titles: Adaptive Technology for the Internet: Making Electronic Resources Accessible to All by Barbara T. Mates (ISBN: 0-8389-0752-0, $36) explains clearly and concisely how to make online resources accessible to patrons with disabilities, how to publicize the effort, and how to welcome a new community of users. The book describes in detail many of today’s adaptive technologies, including screen readers, Braille screens, voice recognition systems, hearing assistance devices, and HTML coding for accessibility.

According to the announcement, The Cybrarian’s Manual 2, edited by Pat Ensor (ISBN: 0-8389-0777-6, $45), provides all the need-to-know information for those working with and in cyberspace. Packed with almost entirely new material, the book covers topics such as copyright in cyberspace, security, e-journals, metadata, XML, citing electronic resources, and push technology. Also included are practical tips, helpful Web resource recommendations, and a list of Acronyms and Initialisms, which defines many cryptic abbreviations.

Source: ALA Editions, Chicago, 800/545-2433; Fax: 312/836-9958;


OneSource Expands Worldwide Coverage
OneSource Information Services, Inc. has announced that it will be adding a premier news source to its flagship Business Browser product. Bell & Howell Information and Learning will supply extensive international news, especially in the areas of U.K. and regional U.S. news. According to the announcement, this expansion in news coverage will give Business Browser users a unique combination of global and local news, providing a complete perspective on worldwide public and private companies.

Source: OneSource Information Services, Inc., Concord, MA, 800/554-5501, 978/318-4300; Fax: 978/318-4690;

SilverPlatter Will Include Annual Reviews
SilverPlatter has announced that publications from Annual Reviews, which publishes articles and journals in 29 scholarly disciplines, will soon be available via SilverPlatter’s SilverLinker. SilverLinker is SilverPlatter’s full-text solution for linking from the bibliographic reference in a SilverPlatter database to the full text at the article level.

Annual Reviews is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping scientists worldwide cope with the ever-increasing volume of scientific research and data in a growing number of disciplines.

Source: SilverPlatter Information, Inc., Norwood, MA, 800/343-0064, 781/769-2599; Fax: 781/769-8763;

CSA Now Offers the Paperbase/Pira Files
Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA) has announced that researchers using its Internet Database Service can now access database files from Paperbase International and Pira International including Paperbase, International Packaging Abstracts, Printing Abstracts, World Publishing Monitor, Nonwovens Abstracts, and Imaging Abstracts. CSA will offer the files grouped as the Paperbase/Pira Collection, with individual subfiles available separately as well.

The Paperbase/Pira Collection provides comprehensive literature coverage for the pulp and paper, packaging, printing, publishing, imaging, and nonwovens industries. The combined files contain over 500,000 research, technical, and business abstracts dating from 1975 to the present. They are compiled by industry experts from over 1,000 journals, conference papers, newspapers, books, and legislative materials monthly.

Source: Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, Bethesda, MD, 301/961-6761;


Primark Corp. Unveils Global Access 4.0
Primark Corp. has announced that it has launched Global Access 4.0, an integrated Internet-based business research product utilized by the professional investment and corporate research communities. According to the announcement, this new release offers alternative ways for business and financial users to look at information, based on their job functions and research styles.

Global Access 4.0 is now available in two formats, depending on users’ needs. The Reference View, targeted to reference professionals and librarians, presents the available information classified by category with direct links to related content. The Business View is intended for more general use and integrates information in a report format for easier interpretation and analysis, facilitating company lookup and cross-industry or cross-business comparisons. Peer Reports and Industry Reports are available through other views of the product.

Source: Primark Corp., Waltham, MA, 781/466-6611;

New Ovid Release Adds Integration Features and Searching Enhancements
Ovid Technologies has announced that it has released version 4.1.0 of its search-and-retrieval software for accessing its collection of online databases, electronic full text, and other e-content tools. Three years in the making, Ovid says the new release delivers unique and important features that allow Ovid sites to integrate the content resources available on the Ovid platform with each other, with external resources on the Web, or on institutions’ intranets. For users, version 4.1.0 offers numerous search-and-retrieval enhancements that make many of Ovid’s advanced searching tools and options easier to use and more accessible.

According to the company, a centerpiece of the new software is a feature called Multifile and Deduping, which gives users the ability to combine multiple Ovid databases, search them simultaneously, and automatically remove duplicate records from the search results. For integrating Ovid with external Web resources, enhancements to Ovid’s WebLinks technology allow sites to define and customize links from Ovid records to specific points in non-Ovid Web-based resources.

Source: Ovid Technologies, Inc., New York, 212/563-3006; Fax: 212/563-3784;

EBSCOhost Version 3.2 Is Now Available
EBSCO Publishing has announced the deployment of EBSCOhost 3.2, which offers progressive new features including changes to print functionality, persistent links, page navigation, estimated number of pages to be delivered, enhanced links to libraries’ own Web-based OPAC systems, and more. With EBSCOhost 3.2, print selections are not cleared until a new search or a refined search is selected. Persistent linking allows users to retrieve an article by clicking on a link embedded in a Web site. Full text can be accessed in a variety of forms, such as ASCII and Adobe PDF. A button on the Print/E-mail/Save page allows users to estimate the number of pages to be delivered.

In other news from EBSCO Publishing, the company has announced the availability of the NTIS database on EBSCOhost. NTIS is the authoritative collection of past and current federally funded research information.

Source: EBSCO Publishing, Ipswich, MA, 800/653-2726, 978/356-6500; Fax: 978/356-6565;

LIBRARY UTILITIES Announces New Search Tool, a joint effort of Bell & Howell Co. and Infonautics, Inc., has announced the release of its new K-12 library product, bigchalk Retriever. Bigchalk Retriever is an integrated library search engine that searches across all of a library’s diverse electronic data: library catalog, online databases, and Web resources. The product gives equal access to all of a library’s data through a simple, single search method, greatly streamlining and simplifying the student’s search process, according to the company. Currently 400 libraries are beta testing bigchalk Retriever.

Source:, Inc., Wayne, PA, 800/860-9227; Fax: 610/225-6311;

Interface Software Upgrades LPT:One Print Management System for Libraries
Interface Software, Inc. has announced that it is releasing version 1.1 of the LPT:One suite of print management tools for libraries. Features include graphical reporting and improved installation. New to this release is time-of-day expiration in addition to the preset expiration interval for unclaimed jobs. Now in addition to deleting jobs after a predetermined time because they are not claimed, the system will also expire jobs at an interval prior to closing time with a customized message to the patron indicating that jobs will only be available until a preset time.

LPT:One was designed as a scalable system, starting at less than $100 for a client (patron) PC and growing into a multi-station release model. Installation starts with a simple client module that notifies patrons of page counts, print costs, locations of printers, and limits of pages per job. When the optional release station is added, library staff can manage the release of print jobs and fee collection.

Source: Interface Software, Inc., Duluth, GA, 800/329-3289; Fax: 770/623-8001;

MARCIVE to Offer Data from Syndetic
MARCIVE, Inc. has announced that it has signed an agreement with Syndetic Solutions for cataloging enrichment data. Syndetic Solutions is a provider of bibliographic enrichment services to libraries and booksellers.

Added to libraries’ MARC records, these optional data elements greatly improve keyword access as well as provide a wealth of descriptive information about each book, according to MARCIVE. Data available from Syndetic Solutions includes tables of contents, as well as fiction and biography data containing a variety of access points including topics, sub-genres, settings, time periods, awards, series/sequel information, main characters, and the characters’ attributes.

Source: MARCIVE, Inc., San Antonio, TX, 800/531-7678; Fax: 210/646-0167;

COMPanion Corp. Integrates Big6 Model, Offers NetLink for Educational Web Sites
COMPanion Corp. has announced that it has finalized an agreement with the founders of the Big6, Mike Eisenberg and Bob Berkowitz, to integrate the Big6 information literacy skills model into the Alexandria library automation system. COMPanion expects to incorporate it into the next major release of Alexandria, due out this spring.

The agreement gives Alexandria exclusive rights to use the Big6 model in a library automation system. According to the announcement, the Big6/Alexandria integration will give students the option to select a Help icon that gives immediate assistance on research steps while using the Alexandria OPAC. The Help option will include linked instructional multimedia video clips of Eisenberg to give students a better understanding of the research process.

In other news from COMPanion, the company has released NetLink, a new product that gives users access to cataloged educational Web sites that can be imported into Alexandria. The NetLink service is a collection of approximately 4,100 MARC records assigned to educational Web sites that helps librarians, teachers, and students sort through the excess amount of information available over the Internet. Using NetLink, Alexandria treats a Web site just as it would a book when searches are performed. When students perform a subject search, applicable Web sites appear in the results Window.

Users can subscribe to three separate MARC bundles, each containing a variety of curriculum-focused subjects, including science, geography, math, social sciences, history, and art. The subscriptions are also based on grade level, from elementary through high school. Pricing, which ranges from $29 to $1,199, is based on the number of records available in each bundle.

Source: COMPanion Corp., Salt Lake City, 800/347-6439; Fax: 801/943-7752;

SIRS’ New Discoverer Deluxe Tutorial
SIRS Mandarin, Inc. has announced that it has added a new graphical training presentation to SIRS Discoverer Deluxe that provides children with a comprehensive look at the online database. According to the company, the tutorial is an excellent resource for teaching database features and search strategies, as well as a highly navigable self-help tool that allows students to familiarize themselves with the basics. Topics covered include the three main search methods, additional database resources, helpful tips, contact information, and more. Users can either choose to view it online or to download the presentation for off-line viewing from one easily accessible location on the SIRS Discoverer main menu.

Source: SIRS Mandarin, Inc., Boca Raton, FL, 800/232-7477;


Axis Enhances StorPoint CD E100 Server
Axis Communications, Inc. has announced the availability of a powerful upgrade to its AXIS StorPoint CD E100, a network-attached storage server that, according to the company, makes networking CD/DVDs fast, efficient, and easy, without the need for a file server or a PC.

Release 5.30 provides CD-R and CD-RW support, and it handles DVD-ROMs with up to 9 GB, caching for 255 CDs, and Pure IP communications in Novell’s NetWare environment and SLPv2. The upgrade also enhances data access speed.

According to the announcement, information can be incrementally added to CD-R and CD-RW discs on the Axis StorPoint device. No special CD-R mastering software is required to back up applications or archive information. This upgrade addresses the needs of NetWare 4.x users as it supports both TCP/IP and IPX.

Source: Axis Communications, Inc., Chelmsford, MA, 978/614-2000; Fax: 978/614-2100;

ABC-CLIO Releases Interactive CD-ROM
ABC-CLIO Interactive has announced the History of the American Legal System: An Interactive Encyclopedia. Consisting of a CD-ROM and a Web site, the product comprises a wealth of content and illustrative multimedia components: video clips and audio segments, photos, illustrations, tables, charts, and maps. The more than 1,800 entries include primary source documents, more than 200 court cases; biographies; political essays; treaties; and key information about organizations, important concepts, significant events, and social and political movements.

This interactive encyclopedia also features a contextual timeline that prompts students to investigate how significant people, cases, and other events relate to each other. Every ABC-CLIO encyclopedia features its own Web site, offering users an additional array of research and learning activities, such as the chance to enter a biography-writing contest, draft a petition, or create a public service announcement.

Source: ABC-CLIO Interactive, Santa Barbara, CA, 800/368-6868; Fax: 805/685-9685;

Brodart Co. Releases Elementary School Library Collection, 22nd Edition CD-ROM
Brodart Co. has announced the release of its collection development tool, The Elementary School Library Collection, 22nd edition, in CD-ROM format.

According to the announcement ESLC is the only major children’s bibliography on CD-ROM. It gives librarians instant access to thousands of quality children’s titles and the dynamic search strategies of an online system. The product features a comprehensive, updated listing of 11,000 of the most highly recommended children’s titles and audiovisual products in 14 formats.

The ESLC advisory committee, a board of children’s literature experts, provides guidance and advice regarding selection criteria; trends in children’s literature; curriculum and teaching methods; and evaluation, development, and revision of this comprehensive list. ESLC also provides phase-of-acquisition recommendations.

Source: Brodart Co., Williamsport, PA, 570/326-2461;

Pioneer Ships First 16x DVD-ROM Drive
Pioneer New Media Technologies, Inc. has announced that it is shipping what it claims is the industry’s first 16x DVD-ROM drive, “Sweet 16.” With speeds that are 16 times faster than first-generation DVD-ROM technology, the 16x DVD-ROM/40x CD-ROM is compatible with single- and dual-layer DVD-ROM and DVD-Video, DVD-R, DVD-RW, CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, CD-DA, Video CD, and Photo CD media, preserving compatibility with conventional CD formats. The 16x DVD-ROM offers random seek times of less than 85 ms. for DVD-ROM (70 ms. for CD-ROM), access times less than 95 ms. (80 ms. for CD-ROM), ATAPI interface, and horizontal or vertical mounting capabilities. The drive features a 512-KB buffer memory, audio output, a front-panel headphone jack, and volume control knob, and it is compatible with the Windows 9x Plug and Play standard.

Source: Pioneer New Media Technologies, Inc., Long Beach, CA, 800/444-6784;

Graham & Whiteside Releases Three New CD-ROM Resources of Major Companies
Graham & Whiteside, Ltd. has announced the release of three CD-ROMs that are also available in print form: Major Companies of Latin America and the Caribbean, Major Companies of Africa South of the Sahara, and Major Companies of South West Asia.

For each company listed, each resource includes features such as company name, address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail and Web addresses, names of senior management and board members, description of business activities, brand names and trademarks, subsidiaries and associates, number of employees, financial information for the last 2 years, principal shareholders, and public/private status.

Major Companies of Latin America is $1,385 on CD-ROM and $704 in print; Major Companies of Africa South of the Sahara is $911 on CD-ROM and $467 in print; and Major Companies of South West Asia is $871 on CD-ROM and $467 in print.

Source: Graham & Whiteside, Ltd., London, 011-44-181-947-1011; Fax: 011-44-181-947-1163;


Several Companies Cooperate to Donate Library System to University in Cambodia
Ex Libris, Ltd. has announced that, along with Sun Microsystems, Inc., Oracle Corp., and SilverPlatter Information, Inc., it will be donating a completely implemented ALEPH 500 library automation system to the Royal University of Phnom Penh in Cambodia. The system will be complemented by an ERL intranet solution from SilverPlatter.

According to the announcement, Ex Libris worked out the logistics and developed partnerships for the implementation of the comprehensive ALEPH system. Sun Microsystems is donating an Enterprise 250 server, SilverPlatter is contributing the MEDLINE and ERIC databases, and Oracle is providing a run-time license for all users of the system. The ALEPH system will be tightly integrated with SilverPlatter’s ERL Intranet Solution, which also runs on Sun’s Enterprise 250 server.

In addition to the license to use the ALEPH software, Ex Libris will install the system and provide training, maintenance, and support without charge.

Source: Ex Libris (USA), Inc., Chicago, 877/527-1689; Fax: 773/404-5601;

3M/AASL to Donate Systems to Schools
The American Association of School Librarians (AASL), a division of the American Library Association (ALA), has announced that 3M, in partnership with AASL, is donating up to $1 million in 3M detection systems to school library media centers. The program, called 3M Salute to Schools, is open to middle and high schools in the U.S. Schools selected to receive the donation will be awarded a 3M Detection System for the entrance/exit of the media center, a supply of 3M Tattle-Tape Security Strips, and necessary materials-processing accessories.

Individual donations will vary depending on the specific needs of the library, such as the size of a collection and the physical layout of the media center. To receive a donation, a school must meet eligibility requirements, including demonstrating a need for a security system.

Schools must apply by May 31, 2000. AASL will accept the applications and select the recipients. Applications are available online at or by calling the ALA fax-on-demand system at 800/545-2433, pressing 4, and requesting document number 802. Recipients will be announced at the ALA conference in Chicago, July 8-11.

Source: American Association of School Librarians, Chicago, 800/545-2433;


Innovative, netLibrary Establish Alliance
Innovative Interfaces and netLibrary have announced an alliance to integrate the use of e-books with Innovative’s automated library systems (INNOPAC and Millennium).
Under the agreement, Innovative will develop additional features to enable its software to automatically notify interested libraries of the availability of specific netLibrary e-books, and to enable libraries to purchase e-books electronically. For libraries that so desire, full MARC records for netLibrary e-books will be loaded into the library catalog with access to the e-book. Preview access (such as the ability to view the table of contents, first few chapters, etc.) also may be provided. In addition, Innovative’s systems will manage the record keeping and statistics associated with the circulation and use of e-books by library patrons.

Source: Innovative Interfaces, Inc., Emeryville, CA, 510/655-6200; Fax: 510/450-6350;

Surpass Software Company Is Formed
The Humphress Group and Precision Computer Service have announced that they have officially joined forces to do business as a unified company, Surpass Software.

dThe Humphress Group created the original version of a library automation software product called Surpass in 1985. As of today, Surpass Software products have automated over 1,000 primary and secondary school media centers, as well as a number of small public and corporate libraries. Precision Computer Service has been marketing Surpass products for several years.

Surpass is a full-featured suite of library automation products. According to the announcement, the products are easy to use, yet affordable, and include unique features such as patron-written book reviews, Easy Authority, printing of patron photo ID cards, and a powerful built-in report generator. Free, fully functional demo versions of Surpass are available at the company’s Web site.

Source: Surpass Software, Calhoun, GA, 877/625-2657, 706/625-2699;


Sane Solutions’ NetTracker Version 4.5
Sane Solutions, LLC has announced the release of NetTracker 4.5, a new version of its NetTraffic line of Web site traffic analysis software. The new features in this release include automated aggregation of data from clustered servers, providing accurate tracking of visitors across domains in a multi-host Web site environment; enhanced reporting capabilities for dynamically generated pages, including tracking information input into online forms; and optional Java 2 graphing applet that allows graphs to be printed and saved for presentations or reports.

NetTracker’s intuitive Web browser interface allows decision makers from anywhere within an organization to easily access NetTracker reports, via the Internet or an intranet, with little or no training required.

Fully functional demos of each version of NetTracker 4.5 are available online at Users can also download evaluation copies at

Source: Sane Solutions, LLC, North Kingstown, RI, 800/407-3570; Fax: 401/295-4154;

Webroot Introduces WinGuardian 2.5
Webroot Software, Inc. has announced that it has released version 2.5 of the WinGuardian software, Internet usage monitoring and management utility software that’s ideal for libraries.

According to the announcement, WinGuardian takes a unique approach to controlling inappropriate use of computers by children or the general public at libraries. Instead of blocking or censoring information, the software simply monitors keystrokes (including chat room dialogue), programs used, and sites visited on the Internet. It also captures screen shots of what users have been viewing. WinGuardian can display an organization’s acceptable use policy, as well as secure Windows.

The new version of WinGuardian includes support for the latest versions of Web browsers, and also includes features designed to increase the efficiency of screen shot capturing and keystroke capturing, along with functions that allow for the monitoring of more than one person using the same system.

Source: Webroot Software, Inc., Boulder, CO, 800/772-9383; Fax: 303/554-6529;


Scholarly Resources Offers Genealogy CD
Scholarly Resources has announced a new genealogy resource. Written by Thomas Jay Kemp, chair of the American Library Association Genealogy Committee, The Genealogists Virtual Library: Full-Text Books on the World Wide Web, a book and CD-ROM package, is available in both cloth (ISBN: 0-8420-2864-1, $70) and paper (ISBN: 0-8420-2865-X, $27.95) formats. It is a Webliography of thousands of full-text e-books for genealogists that are available at no cost on the Internet. Users can just click on a title and begin reading. This guide is arranged by surname, geographically by state/county, and by topic; the same format used in the Genealogy Annual.

Source: Scholarly Resources, Wilmington, DE, 888/772-7817, 302/654-7713; Fax: 302/654-3871;

SierraHome Releases Genealogy CD Suite
SierraHome, a division of Sierra On-Line, Inc., has announced the release of the Generations Family Tree Millennium Collection. According to the company, this is the first compendium of Ellis Island information ever available to consumers, making it easier than ever to research this aspect of immigration history through CD-ROM, the Internet, and video.

The Generations Family Tree Millennium Collection amasses more than 200 years of records and resources. With more than 350 million names on CD-ROM, plus access to 60,000 genealogy Web links, and flexible charting capabilities, Generations is a tool that grows through each phase of family history research. Features include actual images of the handwritten 1800 Census for the three main immigration ports of entry; a 1-hour documentary video; a free book entitled American Naturalization Records, 1790-1990; family tree clip art; information in 19th-century immigration ships; a collection of U.S. marriage and land records spanning from 1560-1907; and a multimedia tour of the Ellis Island experience.

The Generations Family Tree Millennium Collection costs $69.95 and comes in 21 Windows CD-ROMs.

Source: Sierra On-Line, Inc., Bellevue, WA, 425/649-9800;


Company to Offer Books in PDF Format
Digital Scanning, Inc. has announced that the company has opened a new division, Digital Publishing Group. Digital Publishing Group locates very old, historical, out-of-print books; scans them; and converts them to Adobe PDF format. According to the announcement, once a topic is selected, Digital Publishing continues to add titles and other rare documents that expand the available knowledge and perspective for the student or researcher. When possible, documents only found in national, state, and university archives, as well as private collections, are added to each topic series.

Features of the e-books include site licensing for unlimited access (including loading to school or library networks and Web sites), the ability to zoom in on maps and illustrations, hyperlinked information to related topics, keyword search, and detailed tables of contents with chapter summaries and direct links.

Current topics include Abraham Lincoln, American Indians, The Indian Wars, Civil War Narratives, Union Generals, George Armstrong Custer, and Civil War Prisons. Digital Publishing says more topics with multiple books and documents are coming soon. Each single volume sells for less than $25 for individual use or $75 for site license.

Source: Digital Publishing Group, Scituate, MA, 888/349-4443; Fax: 781/545-4908;

Sun, Stanford, and NSF Collaborate on Permanent Electronic Publishing Solution
Sun Microsystems, Inc. and Stanford University have announced that they are joining forces to develop a permanent electronic publishing solution designed to enhance the value and ensure the sustainability of electronic publications. This collaboration, also funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), addresses an issue that libraries worldwide are facing as they strive to deliver thousands of valuable Internet resources to faculty, students, and researchers: the preservation of Web-published academic material.

The primary goal of the permanent electronic publishing solution is to enable libraries to manage Web content in the same way, by developing a collaborative, easy-to-use, distributed, replicated Web cache that will ensure content functionality, integrity, and access. Upon completion, the solution will be made available for free download at Stanford’s Web site.

Source: Sun Microsystems, Inc., Palo Alto, CA, 800/786-0404;

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