Volume 20, Number 5 • May 2000
Saving money by using online bookstores — You can often save money and time by using free Internet resources instead of expensive, outdated books
by Jodie Mattos and Joseph Yue

Discusses experiences and observations concerning what an online bookstore can do for libraries and librarians. Divides the findings into three categories: reference, collection development, and others. Explains how different features from online bookstores were used to answer reference questions; to review title by title, for collection development; and to raise funds for the library by purchasing a book. Predicts that future library acquisitions departments will order from Amazon.com directly. Adds that those who have yet to take that step can still search the site and use the information provided. Concludes that online bookstores provide services that librarians can use to make informed collection development decisions based upon very current, authoritative, and free information. Includes five screen displays, one sidebar, and a list of references.
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