Volume 20, Number 5 • May 2000
Need funding? Let the Net work for you!
by Karen Kurzeja and Brett Charbeneau

Focuses on an innovative idea for soliciting funds to help support the Williamsburg (VA) Regional Library's summer reading program: Ask for a specific amount of money and reward the giver with a home page on the Web to acknowledge their support of the program. States that ideas, forms, and technology were streamlined in order to raise money for the library without wasting staff time. Relates that a personalized mailing campaign targeted local businesses with some appropriate clip art and samples of what a home page could do for them. Says that donors were offered levels of Web pages according to the donation, and a Web site template was set up to keep things simple. Adds that loyal and generous donors from past years were also given their own Web sites as a way of saying thank you. Concludes that the program was fun, creative, and a good chance to express appreciation to past donors too.
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