Computers in Libraries
Vol. 21, No. 3 March 2001 

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We're in DC and on the Cutting Edge
by Kathy Dempsey 

I think that "Cutting-Edge Technologies in Action" is the perfect theme for this, the Computers in Libraries Conference issue. After all, thousands of people flock to our conference every March to see the latest technology in the exhibit hall and to hear about it in the many outstanding sessions.

I think you'll enjoy reading about the cutting-edge technologies that we cover in print this month. Our articles include hot words like "e-books," "ASPs," and "wireless." If you haven't yet found the guts to explore these options, you can live vicariously through our librarian-writers. Reading about their experiences will give you a good glimpse of what it was like to begin incorporating and using these technologies. We also aim to provide enough information so you can get an idea about budgets, implementation timelines, etc.

While Computers in Libraries magazine always talks about how libraries are using technology, we don't always try to cover the cutting edge per se. Our articles are usually about a clever use of an existing technology, a new twist on something old, a database- or systems-building project that others could emulate, or a trend. (Around the office we often use the sentence, "We try to save people from having to reinvent the wheel.") But in this conference issue we've made it a point to highlight topics that many people are buzzing about but not many people are using yet. We've hit a few hot buttons here,but of course you can learn tons more at the accompanying show.

In case you haven't heard all the hoopla, the CIL Conference takes place at the Washington Hilton and Towers in DC, March 14, 15, and 16. (There are also nine preconference workshops on Tuesday, March 13 and 10 postconference workshops on Saturday, March 17.) Friday and Saturday include the "conference-within-a-conference," Computers in School Libraries. And yes, you can still register, even now. And you can also register on-site for the sessions, or you can pick up an exhibits-only pass at no charge. Registration includes a handy packet of info, free receptions in the exhibit hall, and more excitement than you can imagine! Details are on our Web site, of course.

Speaking of excitement, don't miss one of this year's highlights, a "Meet the Editors" session in the exhibit hall on Thursday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. This is your chance to see us (not only me but also managing editor extraordinaire Kimberly Mestrow) in person--and to get free autographs! All kidding aside, we're especially interested in talking to people who want to write feature articles in upcoming issues. So, you'll be there, right? Kim and I will be expecting you.

Kathy Dempsey, Editor

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