Volume 20, Number 3 • March 2000
Do the means justify the end-user searching?
by D. Scott Brandt

TECHMAN'S TECHPAGE column focuses on end-user searching, and notes it is scary to hear librarians imply that end-users should leave searching to people who know how to do it right. Says that typical end-user instruction/training/teaching in searching touches on six capabilities for successful results: defining a topic, formulating a search, finding the right place to search, evaluating/revising strategies, and communicating to others (as needed). Ponders on the difference between a serious researcher and a recreational user of the Internet, whether end users are really capable of defining their problems, and if they should be allowed to use library machines for e-mail. Guesses that the majority of end users are not sophisticated searchers and are not looking for sophisticated answers, but believes in the goodness of improving searching skills. Includes a list of references.
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