Volume 20, Number 3 • March 2000
Letting the PC be the instructor — A content-rich and engaging online teaching tool is guaranteed to have a life beyond its initial use
by Beth Evans

Focuses on developing and delivering library instruction in an electronic format since learners on all levels have come to expect that library research will require the use of a computer. Says to consider using a customized Web site as a backup for live instruction, creating a computer-generated slide presentation to accompany a live lecture or to be placed on the Web, writing a self-paced Web tutorial, or developing a complete online library course to be delivered through the Web or a CD-ROM, and further discusses these ideas. Observes that the Web is the environment of choice for library instruction support, as instruction delivered as a Web page can be disseminated widely, updated easily, and used asynchronously. Concludes that backing up library instruction with an online component extends the outreach to a larger public. Includes seven screen displays, one sidebar, one table, and a list of references.
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