Volume 20, Number 3 • March 2000
Advice for teaching hands-on computer classes to adult professionals — Here are some tips for helping adults to learn and retain computer skills
by Linda E. Masek

Discusses educating adults to learn and retain computer skills, as librarians not only must keep up with new computer developments, but also educate adult library patrons often. Provides tips on preparing to teach a class full of peers and says not to make the mistake of trying to cover too much material in a given time period. Adds that in a hands-on presentation, the teacher should be sure that each person has time to do things. Offers pointers on dealing with students with vastly different levels of computer expertise grouped in the same class. Advises that patience is essential, and more importantly, a teacher should never talk down to a student. Concludes with points to remember for adult professional students, including being flexible and building on what a person knows to teach something he does not know. Contains a list of references.
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